Poetry: I Am Xenophobic!


In a loud chaotic voice

You called for my assistance
I responded not minding the distance
Lost my life to death, had no choice

Offered you my shoulder to cry on
Thick words I constructed in you to stay strong
My voice sang you a love song
Your thought my sleep fed on till dawn

Today my heart cries
With tears of blood caressing its cheeks
Today my silence speaks
Of pain to the ears of the skies

Today in me you bury heartache
My footprints, you wipe with bloodshed
Today my presence you behead
My life you hunt to take

Remember your days of pharaoh
When apartheid filled your bone marrow
You never knew you would see tomorrow
Until I came with my bow and arrow.

Bang _ wan.


Today I will speak
For the souls in hate pits
What is wrong?
When did envy become the new love?

These attacks are forever etched in green minds
The sword will tear the hands that strike
These are nuisance to letters
A worthless simpleton

These attacks sit me a riddle
Blacks against blacks
Help me solve the puzzle
While I speak to Nelson Mandela in another realm?

“Sir, what you fought for has left a war.
Policies formulated inked in blood
Future beliefs will divide the parts-
Blacks against Blacks”?

A question I wish had an answer.
Surrender your lives if it matters.
The motto can kill the ghetto
I speak for the souls In the pits.

Rachel Charles


Blinded by an eye for an eye.
In this auction life and death is a tie.
We made each other cry.
Washed away even though souls been dyed.

Troubled minds, smashed encounters.
This isn’t less than testing waters.
Shattered glasses, broken heels.
Taken away lives. A lot of deals.

I hope we don’t get over fed.
A bird chirping.
Falling off pieces feeding the worms.
Yet we don’t offer a blanket for warmth.

View of confusion.
Break of recession.
Gunning against broken arsenals.
Dream catchers, no saving.

Blood splashing out veins.
In phases of last breath.
Save a brother.
I am xenophobic NOT.



A heart is as good as the good that comes her way
Whether you keep the sunshine, or save me the rain
Quote me anywhere, I’d still say
Your heart is only as good as the good that comes your way.

Because it rains, on flowers and on sand
It blossoms and it turns to mud
Mud is the reason a flower would bud
A heart is as good as the good that comes her way.

The sand did no wrong by being so brown
And when the sun comes, it doesn’t frown
It smiles right back at the sun
It shines and glitters from the ground

Flowers, they didn’t do wrong with their colors
Colors as beautiful as the rainbow
On a bright rainy day, they blossom
Beautiful and radiant with credible honor

It’s not by their hand that they bloom and glow
while the sand broods and floods
You know what makes you grow
Your heart is as good as the good that comes your way.




I sneaked behind my thick walls
Sneering as the ocean revealed savages
I wonder at their guts
As fear strikes violence in me

Drought will pound us to a pulp
Rivers won’t contain our thirst
We will be robbed of our jobs
I weep for our fair daughters

Greed consumes my fear
Their eyes spits of boldness
I don’t recognize their alien guts
Cursed will they be here

I looked and searched
They are nothing like us
They will cast evil deep in our land
Claiming plots they never had

Let their blood spill good fortune,
Till all we will lost returns
This madness cooks in our mind
Only our minds can be appeased
Omolola Onigbinde


All my life, I’ve been a painter
teaching the brush to love a page.
I thought to have a rainbow on a stage
without a sky to see how it would rage.

The city of the sun has one color
with rumors when angels fell from the sky
the ground didn’t think the sky was high
so he spoke to death that brought them a nigh.

I am the brush and I bring you this news
that I was the one who impaired their death.
I brought the cliche when the colors were Earth
with their knees begging between pews.

I have seen a lot, cast shadows
A thick brown branch doesn’t get the hallow.
The rather pick the art and put on a gallow
and say in bad names, bad gods made their birth.

All of my life I was friend to this page
I was his own, I was a brother.
Now I myself, I’m two persons too
holding my tears that’s ash and hue.



That ancient demon called fear
Has ruled our hearts with hate
We nurtured our pain to bloom
And fed our children double

Plagued by dementia
We loot our native land
Plucked lives and harvested greed
We cried freedom yet enslaved our souls

Cain spread his wings
Choking the love from our bellies
Furious fairies fighting fate
Excuses lost in the wrong race
A judge in our right
Fighting a law ruled by nature
Pointing everywhere but south
Casting stones from lowly rocks

We clap back at our skin
Demonised by our blood
Tainted our people’s innocence
How shall we truly be free?



I ask o God
That you kill them all!
With fire and brimstone, my lord!
Till their tenth generation, let them fall!

They have spilled our blood!
Ravished our women!
They stole from our chambers!
Children of hell disguised as men!

I ask o God!
For your mercy upon my soul!
Upon my black, black heart, my God
Your unfailing grace that makes whole!

I have killed my brother!
Into slavery have I sold my mother!
I have cursed my sister!
Worse than a prodigal, I have become, oh father!

Did I not spit on the foreigner?
Did I not clothe myself with hate?
Each stone, like fingers I cast, condemns me!
I ask O God, mercy upon my black, black, heart!



We are walls apart,
Parted by broken bridges of distant distance,
Further like the reach to a sun,
Yet I heard your call and broke the norm

I was there from the beginning,
When your hearts knew no beat,
When the western lords seized your throats,
And your fists too feeble to punch.

I bleed with you my brother,
Gave my ghost before death comes,
Fought asides your fears with breath of strength,
Kept persistence alive till apartheid sank.

My blood and sweat mixed on wheels
Formed these colors your freedom admires.
Now you call your shores a rainbow nation;
A glimpse of a happy ever after.

Suddenly you chose to forget history
By killing those connected to me.
Of what wrong is that deserved?
If none, erase my own from that xenophobic list.




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