Poetry: Oluwadamilola Agboola | An Experience With You

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I was moving things around in my head
I found this memory of us
Where I was tangled in your Web
Webs are attributed to lies
But this Web of yours were blatant
Blatantly honest, I must say
You made it clear I was nothing of value
With you of course
Because before you came along
I was a dynamite
I blew minds
Including yours
It’s why you couldn’t keep out
You cried tears to pin me down
And like a cloud
I got as far as the wind could take me
But a cloud with a heart?
That was my undoing
The cloud that I was, I gathered myself
I made my way towards you with intent
To form a halo over your head
I was in over my head
To think I could help you love yourself
Because you were deep in loss of self
So you tried to tear me down
But the cloud never touches the ground
You see, the cloud is the cloud
From dusk to dawn
With you, it was no fine mingling
All curves and deadly edges
Cuts that turned to scars
Acts that shattered bars
Such that there was no longer a limit
A limit to how low I could reach
The cloud has neither a face nor a tail
Where I fell, I found the strength to rise
Where I was lost
I became a reason to be found
So you, my biggest tragedy
You became my only remedy
The door through which I made it out
Out of all my shortcomings
The reason I would remind me
My place is not in the ground
I have all of heaven’s space
to go East to South
With the earth being round
I have a place round about
It’s sad that you have a place on my shelf
But an experience with you
Is a wealth that’s worth the keep


© Oluwadamilola Agboola


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