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For Dami:

Stubborn -yes!
Impulsive – yes!
Fine wine-she taps!
A book with a thousand memories
Scattered across selected shelves
Sister and friend
Firm grip to lend.

Playful-i guess!
Witty -her address.
Emotional -sure!
Vengeful -i can assure!
A pot wide enough to heat for many
A safe that keeps and takes no penny
Boastful, proud.
Looks to all except the crowd.

Temperamental -yes!
Friendly – to me!
Aggressive -could be!
Prankster -yes!
Happy Birthday little friend of a friend
Let words color your greenness till the end.
For Lola

One with a soul that two can contain.
Ambiance -free, falling like rain
A lover who finds…that lover would gain.

Temper -less!
A colorful dress.
A smile so infectious, no cure is found.
Her lines are a merry lot, they all go round
Tender -yes!
Alpha female-less!
Her voice so light it lights up the night.
A woman so young her girl stands out.

Happy -yes!
Radiant -best!
Writer of notes that only spirits can score
This day your blessings will flow more and more.



Words are all I have
to tell a star how I feel
on a day like this
made for its bliss.

I know how you’re in luck
to be born from words
Eyes more than Janus
with a gaze of juice.

I wish you flowers
more love and answers
A circle of hope
halo around your grace.
I wish you well 9R33N


I knew you in your blossoming
a tender sweet you were
as soft as your voice.
Your words spoke of crude oil
and called her a lover.

I’ve prayed for your love
to blossom more than the dark
I wrote for the sun
to help meet that right son
so he tickles your future.

Dear Lola,
be free and live
jive your words to the jazz of the world.
Play your flute, and soothe your soul.
Be mindful of God cause he owns you


Beautiful piece
Carved in perfect terms
Living testimony!

This day has its feast
Yesterday gave a pain
When mama brought forth
A child
Named Dami

Love, spread your arms
Welcome marital pride
A special bride
To that special man
You are Rubies

Found in plated skin
Weaved in precious leather
Hemmed in gladness
Words are searching your description
Happy birthday sweet
Smiley for Lola
Light in the night
Light up the dark

Heads up
Glow in gloom
Bow to little dues
Greetings to huge babies

Perfect story teller
Words in great shape
Britain couldn’t contain
Write for the White House

Today your day
Have you paid to thanks?
What is your favorite color
Let me send you a secret
In Victioria Street. – Rachel Charles


Right from mothers womb
She lurked in corners
Fiercely kicking against its walls
She is a fighter this one
But fondness is kind of her
Invite her to your party
She’ll comes as Hybrid
She can’t be none other
True to her heart’s delight
Feels like the wind against the trees
The bestseller i wish to read
I should tell Rowling’s your tale
Let her mould a Brid potter
Happy born day green gemstone.

Her presence saturates itself
Never heard her feet talk
Gently she glides and slides
No bones to crack the floor
She is simply a girl
The lighter shade of every hue
Iron spirit, delicate feel
Perfumed with a child’s innocence
Too caring, sometimes not caring
Fairies graced her birth to gift
Beautiful sunshine in her smile.
Lalala her i heard them sing
Happy birthday princess!

It’s your day
Laugh aloud
Dance to your soul
Forget worries
This year will be the best
My best bet is iced on your cake
I trust you’ll have a happy day
Love you both with all my heart.



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