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Healthy heart beat

There’s a weakling in every soldier
A hidden ant in every giant
A big can in every can’t.
A traveling mile in a brief smile

There’s an if in every gift
A lingering quest in every question.
Something lame in every blame
And rain drops in every brain

There’s a reduced or in every worth
A war to console a warrior.
A prince behind a princess’s veil
And a son in every prison

A tired heart hides behind lifted walls
Screaming to be free from weakness’s choke-hold.
Climbs over these walls, whence it falls
Into pages of stories told or untold. Leon


I saw the man who beat his wife
Walking round in circles and gave a high smile
What could make him tired of life
His past were wrapped in large file

I saw the girl who loved girls
Why give your hymen not to men
Two fingers did the curls
She cuddled with various pen

The journey to single street started late
She was surprised
She was a help-mate
To him who never realised

Bitter sweet cases in high court
Which will you support?
The heart has faced few bleed
The heart will not cash greed. – Rachel Charles


A tired heart
Makes you feel you have loved too much
You want to press restart
And shut your mouth through that lunch

You ask rhetoric questions
The answers lay in the back of your head
Just laughing at your intentions
To confirm they’re still in your head

How you missed a clue in front of you
Eludes every corner of your logical mind
These things are not taught at school
They are lessons to keep when you find

A tired heart,
She’s not tired cos she’s loved too much
She played her part
Which isn’t always enough



Sex over and over still feels same.
Same bed rolling over in same position.
And yet again the Lion waiting to be tamed.
Revive the soul’s indisposition

Lonely weary heart
Jokers lay out your card
Broken parts
Become less a retard

Kindle up the spark
Secluded in a rack
Please one more, please
Soul’s nectar of bliss

Detritus of the day
Not so tired mentally
Mold my tired soul, body, mind and heart in clean clay. Hypermind


A tired heart is not dead,
It’s eyes are bloodshot from too much alcohol.
It is quick to judge so it has to be fed.
A tired heart won’t love anymore but still answers the call.

A tired heart still works
it is rusty from the stab wounds but it will heal
it mislead both heads and make them dorks.
It is not open to love but can strike a deal.

A tired heart cannot sleep
it swears this mistake is for the last time.
It cannot travel long but can go on a short trip.
It swears it won’t commit, how is that a crime?

A tired heart looks like me
indecisive, weak, reluctant and still red.
It will grow one day, it will be free.
It will fall in love to recover the blood it has bled.



The sun wept and turned blue
Exhaustion ran its full course
Where did this flowing pain find its source?
I search in vain but not a clue

Shed tears for me, mine will not budge
Eat for me, my stomach will not hold
Night or day i feel so cold
Too numb to hold a grudge

All lines stretched to their limits
There’s no one left to call
Slithered vain bleeds out in minutes
Save me not, let me fall

Thoughts of danger all around
Sound the drums, the end is near
See the picture, fear built round
The tired smile all crazy wear.


Only sees nothing good
Always shook hands with trials
Just tired of trying
A tired heart

Feels hard like red wood
Trekked a thousand miles
will never stop crying
A tired heart

Struggling from childhood
Has never seen smiles
No trust,always spying.
A tired heart

Violent like boys from the hood
Looks old but acts like juveniles
Surrounded by water,still drying
A tired heart.




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