Blue can be found in the sky
When the sea sprinkles her reflection
From her mirror peeking so high
Portraying her many shades of seduction

Navy is another shade
Gentle, proud, a ribbon of gold
Out of blue this color is made
Of war, of peace, of love stories told

Twice she was stolen
Once it was you
Twice she had fallen
For those eyes so blue.

Blue is a color
A friendly choice for me
To a nurse, to a cop, and maybe a scholar
Blue is blue as blue as can be. Leon


Searched the sky for your face,
Saw dark clouds in place,
Should day lose it’s light,
Sure your eyes brightens night,

Eyes that turn a blue day,
Ever after starts today,
Elope to a land of ecstatic bliss
Every morning wake with a kiss,

As arid emotions awaken,
Anger and pain forsaken,
As hearts cry less and forgive,
Abyss of love relive,

Roses be red, so is pain,
Radiance flux as the moon wanes,
Graced by blueness,
A remarkable sight of newness.

Hijab Gurl.


A color
A hue
With a cool demeanour

Me, when I brood
Or I’m lost for a clue
As to why there’s no food

A ripple of tickles
A few drops of dew
With a bowl of pickles

The color of you
Your rhythm and bloom
Sprinkles on the walls of your room



Trap me in hue
Lace me in blue
Melancholic in hazy wit
Mirrored first heavens

Plunge in blue light
Griped with fluffy weight
Like hovering blue skies
I’m prisoner to my weighty heart

Sadness clothes my secrets
Thoughtsick dense secrets
Clinging to this blanket for solace
This sad blue realm

Yet i’ll fix myself blue anytime
Inviting quiet to chime
Smoking its aura
For grey is buried in blue


Searching for Blue?ask the sky
Don’t raise your head look at the sea
The mirror that says better
Displaying more than you will ask

Royalty doesn’t makes it different,why?
Cause Royal,but loyal when mixed, like tea
For after royalty comes blue in block letter
From different angles with no mask

One time insecured,with wet eye
Just like you,I mean we
With staggering steps like a debtor
At those blue eyes people pasch

Known as a color to apply
But to me a that I don’t agree
also to English setter
Cause the blue in blue isn’t just a mask.


The same way I felt today
going through our memoir
pages burning from that Tuesday,
a meeting the past called bizarre.

The same way my words feel
making love to this page
a feeling cigars won’t kill.
I’ve learnt to lie on the stage.

If I found an eraser
I’d erase the color of my tears,
I’d try to replace her
and my eyes won’t hold those fears.

For so long you have been me
describing my feelings and that’s true.
Can you send death to set me free?



Navy, sky or sea
Colour shade I can see.

Fine as wine
Sky blue sheets let’s dine.

Soft like untamed wool
Hey in pigments you rule

Loving the purple hibiscus turning blue
Underlying cause of sky
Evoking the true self of blue. Hypermind


Until the naira bullied my dreams
and dollar spilled its blood like streams
my muse, my only Boo
Was a sky shining blue

We met years later, she was buying jeans
I walked up, my head full of schemes
‘Hi Blue, remember me, how once we flew?
With yellows and orange and on crimson sheets withdrew?’

Looking at me, ‘Wow!’ Her screams
Rang! Boy, you haven’t changed a day it seems
I’m with Brownies and Greens now, if I’m your morning dew
you’d pay for these jeans, so, so blue!”

I walked away cursing my genes
swearing to improve my means
to come again, to reclaim, to woo
my blue, my nighttime sky, my heart’s goo


She knows I mean business.
I’m white hot I am fired
But keeping it cool is meekness.
Like the placid open sea as it goes, and comes refired.

I’ve walked down the path Yellow.
I’ve seen its fearful streak.
Rash bravery though must mellow
Love’s moments must not leak.

Amidst the dazzling purple
Ornate, royal and prim
There stands my delight, my hurdle
Divine poured out way past the brim.

So I see red, it speaks my heart
Yellow, I see and firm remove cowardice will not have me.
Purple is royalty like flame and moth it beacons.
And in that moment the deep blue sea gives, takes and goes on giving. Seun


Her eyes were filled with gloom
Held her countenance, this wasn’t the perfect jew
Bothered, as she headed for doom
Displayed traits of not a female ewe

What went wrong in Red town
I thought you painted it blue
Cashed your morality for juicy gown
Now the elders got the flu

The deed is gone
You left to throng
With maim and cain
Suffer well in green vein.

The words you refused to chew
Became the Scriptures for daily living
Your knees and the ground is perfect coo
For blue, keep breathing. – Rachel Charles


I saw you in the words they spoke
Covered in veils beauty adorn
Worshipped as such whose mother a god
Yet alone with no head nor lad

We were two worlds apart
Each to beholder’s love abyss
Fated paired before lit ignited a start
Meant for more as the wind calls breeze miss

Be my Jewel, me your Blu
Two spix’s macaw, discard a lieu
Me, You above the blues,  Nigels; the cockatoos
Haters luck will lock sores on toes

Let’s tour the skies that bear our names
We blessed them fame with all the cliches
Deep beneath the waters is all the same
The rainbow call us thus: dusts of grandeur – Bamvi


Her innocence strutted off
Her Eden lost
Was it just called off?
And at what cost?

He could not conceal his delight
For he had never seen anything so bright
It was the Sun, he saw it all
When Blue gave it all

It was Blue- the mermaid
She caressed the maze and kissed the forbidden
Coming from where hidden
She arrived the sea-top with no aid

He baked her a special warmth
A compensation for her curiosity
Perhaps she would fare better in the human-city
Sure she will on his watch- Prudence.


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