Through The Eyes Of Janus!

Through the eyes of Janus again we meet
Would history agree to repeat?
Before us lies a promise
Behind is Venus and Adonis.
Through the eyes of Janus we repeat
To put out the fire that conscience lit
Over the mountains is need to hop
Behind the cloud is conspiring raindrop(s)
Through the eyes of Janus we eat feet to feet
Would history remember as sweet
To send his favor,
Or feign to kindness and waver?
Before the face of Janus now we sit
To part the gates and lock the doors
To end this wake and take what’s yours.
The future is the past; the past defeat.
We’ve seen new beginnings,
They never end.
The heart takes too many beatings
And gets crippled in the end.
A start is a grumbling stop
A stop, another lazy start.
War i embrace, peace i regard
Juno wins the battle but his glory he discards.Leon
Like Janus, Oracle, without my consent, took me.
His divinity I could not counter
With eyes located in his heart –
Poetry made new, all owned by old me
Foresaw what for long I forsook
That innocent, daring me, his words,
‘value it for endless days
Cherish it for dreamless nights’.
I fought, tried to escape, even cried
All seemed hopeless
I’ve been chosen,
I must be crowned
So, in dreamless lands I was sighted
Followed, dragged back and made to sit In his heart,
like Oracle, Janus knows it all
He controls without a single touch
Maybe I can fight a little longer
I can’t disobey now that nothing is promised
Surrender is not an option either.
I need a god with more eyes than Janus’s got.
If only I cuddled Seth to not steal that of Horus,
I’d see beyond the heart of Oracle
I’ll make Janus my possession
I’ll be free from magic completely.-Silvia.
Listen to the prophecy I heard from a god.
He told me I can be the best, if I pass the test
The future his soul holds
The past he forever knows.
What can I get from Mars?
If I sight and shoot a falling star,
Will it lay on my palms
Or burn my future scar?
Horatio had a say,
He could beat Juliet up in a play.
But I knew the snake tilting within,
I saw the Cain in his material offering.
King Saturday gave his command.
No strange fires on the altars of Sabbath.
Just read poems to my itching ear.
It will soothe my Shapy pear.
Did I pass the test?
I heard he covered the glory with a fancy veil.
I saw his evil performance in a large enterprise,
With crown on head and gold for mend.
Alas! The gods gave the mantle to Janus.
How can there be a god who forever knows the past;
See the future burn with a scar?
Lets be your serve ants, we ain’t worthy of your dine– Rachel Charles
Janus, your eyes may hold time
buried in the tomb of shadows,
but I am a descendant from prime.
I lock eyes with the future that rhymes.
Janus, I sat on the philosophy of two eyes,
certain the stares can blare fears.
Seek my conscience, plot my story
you ancient song dancing with no feet.
In January I feed on only prequels
and belched love to march guts of May.
Pardon my excessive excesses
and relinquish the bolt of my ego.
On the 5th thread of this tied nut
I seek thy all seeing eye
show me the grace, let me through this phase
and let I know the gift of an eye.
Through your eyes Janus, I saw birth
holding the hands of death to its womb.
I called your sands to print my foot.
Then silence answered with an echo.
Drop your rain and cry like a god
let your pain not dry in my blood.
I have called all who I can,
to peep to wisdom and teach their clan. – Ruddapoet
Final beginnings lure ends
Through loops of endless time
Passages of transition
Doors of endless hope
Propelling past for futures
With the present lighting his retinas
A fading past tumbling
Into a bridge to the present…
A foresight with four glory eyes
Gulping down past to heal now
Poker faced to each season
Vision beholding time out of time
Conquering the celestial to obedience
Uniting beginning to beginnings
Eyes of discernment
Invoking desires, inventing tragedies
Then i will my eyes to four
Cheating the past of control
Learning its ways to calm the future
Weakening its attack on now
A present created by past
Experiencing time within time
I’m lord of my time
Peeping into a past to calm the
Leading currents…
As pain assailed and carved into her form,
Fear her medicine,
Death her wellness,
Haze blocking the sun, light long gone,
Cold days, freezing nights,
As others gloom, she bloomed,
Least they have a taste of her pain,
Love to her was hurt, pain, bitterness, anger and resentment.

Sweet feelings were tales of the old,
She heard it warm but all she felt was cold,
Hope was a luxury found in la la land,
The eyes of her heart were purged out by her hand,
Maybe, someday it loves blindly,
Hate and bitterness grew instead, sadly,
Calling on the gods with no hope or faith,
She heard Janus be a god of changing fate.

Faith was alien, maybe miracle from the Oracles,
Janus visited earlier than he should,
As the future faded into past,
Through the eyes of Janus she saw light illuminating,
There was an influx of emotions never felt,
Pinnacles overly achieved,
Dreams well lived,
Through the eyes of Janus, she saw life after decay.

Hijab Gurl

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