Beneath The Mistletoe!

Beneath the mistletoe,
Imprints that stole quick kisses.
Toes lined up a few inches.
Jingling bells quake to shake hands
Where this perfect wreath still  stands.
Beneath the mistletoe,
Love once died under this oak.
Life, sapped, a suicidal yoke.
Red and green  this too will be.
Led to drown under the sea.
Beneath the mistletoe
She lay still and wrapped
Gifting her demons
Spirit and charm trapped
She’s gifting it all
Beneath the mistletoe
He uncovers worth
A rebel inlove
Destinies joined forth
To merge in still time
Beneath the mistletoe,
Intertwined crevice for crevice,
Pursuing pleasure’s dark orgies.
Lips locked in the search for purchase.
Roving fingers, tease, touch, caress.
Beneath the mistletoe
Or was it crown of painful thorn.
All life’s pursuits made silent, gone.
All ends lie dead before the sun
In whom is all, in all, the Son. Seun
Beneath the mistletoe,
They parted her sea.
The curtains nodded-
Her guard flowed free,”
The last chapter read.
Beneath the mistletoe
Such strangeness aligns
Pages lost their minds
Adultery sat proud
One became a crowd. Leon
Beneath the mistletoe.
Laying down the surface
Unseen covers dark dace
Dig deep and hard, that pace
Slay in style pretty face.
Beneath the mistletoe
Seventh son has fallen
Tiny branches, dropping
Indigo truth, faking
Slimy and true replacing.  Hypermind
Beneath the Mistletoe
I have loved you always
I gave my all to you
tonight ends your preying!
Liar and foe, begone!
Beneath the mistletoe
Love and hearts are sinking
Piercing flesh made of trust!
I must rise above fears,
parasites, mistletoe!
Beneath the mistletoe
I found your muse slowly dying
The news carried an aching tear
to turn the hands of time crying.
In those thirsty lands, light was near
Beneath the mistletoe
I had fingers to tickle you,
Each had its history buried,
should you leave, (h)ex will be on cue
so don’t you fear, just be worried. – Ruddapoet
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