Love Is A Colour!


Love is a color
And it speaks in shades,
Confound the scholar
Till intellect fades.

Love is a color
Worn to shame Hades.
When death grows taller
Love shines and cascades.
Let the darkest hue
Warm the cold-hearted
May the fluff sky blue
Hug the faint-hearted

Let the darkest hue
Tip the lighthearted
Grinding every hue
To show love coated…
If love could colour
Our shades won’t be seen
Green would have seen her
If green was missing

If love could color
It would paint us clean
Wear out our squalor
Not butter our skin. Leon
Love is a color
A little yellow
What yellow stands for
Fades before the glow

Love is a color
Green is what you sow
Shines like an honor
The one way to grow

Flashes and off shades
Clean slates blurry blades

Feels like poetry
Ghostly intention
Moulded pottery. Hypermind

Love, a color, white
Bent into colors
Of brilliance and bite
From one, multicolor.

Love, a color, white
In sundry colors
Bathing them in light
Crudeness, crass concurs. Seun


I painted love red
Right before dawn called
From my left, red led
till dawn when grey called

I painted love red
Now it’s all dulled
For it was not fed
Twas nicknamed walled


Do you still love me
Me, now and always?
show me you love me
Till the end of days

Do you still love me
Now that we part ways
Nothing more to see
Only bloody rays?
– OracLe

Your love, darker shades,
Shades darker than black,
My soul you paint fade,
Darkness fears your dark.

Your love, darker shades,
Hoping, pat on back,
Pain, through me still wades,
Light sort in the dark.

Hijab Gurl


Love is the rainbow
I can vouch on that
like the sun-yellow
to be worn with hat

Love is the rainbow
a beautiful mat
weaved like a pillow
Fine and sweet to scat- Ruddapoet


White and grey, his shades
I see the stubble
And then the heart grades
Plant a green angle

White and grey, his shades.
Let’s have some cuddle
Under the sweet blades,
Then leave the trouble. – Rachel Charles


Love, colour of trees
Shining in summer
A nectar for bees
Its sting a stunner

Fill my heart with ease
Let people wonder
Secret, no one sees
In hues that shimmer. Vera


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