I spent my time with Week,
And her reveal is worst understood in Greek

The belief in untruth is hurting
Like comparing Big Brother to God in watching.

I uproot the feet of this cross today
Driven by a need for anew, i look up to the next.

For three reasons this cross gets heavy
And my conscience drops three times.

I resurrect on the 4th day
To find my journey’s walk.

Days 5 and 6 are similarly slow… in traffic,
So i die on this cross.

The hands of the nails push a grasp firm
As this road dies in silence
To feed to Temple my spirit.

The 7th is a confused man,
Paddling the boat of a confused clan.

The first is the fleeting last,
The last is the winning first.

Secrets like rains make the eaves drop.
Yet the forbidden plots pick up the ripening crop. Leon
This is a conversation between black and white!
Who is man that you are so mindful of him?
Why do you love his flaws and pet his foes?
When did he tell you he loves you too?
How will the world receive you since I rule most of it.?

So many questions, few time to answer.

With smiles on his white face.
He replied!
Man is higher than the angels.
Man I cherish
Man the sinner, I know he will be my son
Not my servant, Job took that stead.
I loved him even before he was born.
A secret the Black won’t understand – Rachel Charles
Tolu told Ejima that Adaeze is pregnant
But its not the pregnancy that matters
Its who she’s pregnant for
hmmm, wonders will never end

Adaeze told Ejima that Tolu has caught a disease
but its not the disease that matters
Its who she got it from
hmmm, what will one not hear?

Ejima said she heard that he was involved
he didn’t respond
I listened harder, against the door
his voice sounded soft…
But I could swear it was you.
Aina was popular for this
Her mouth was the creaking door
Ears like a woven reed
She could read lips from miles away

Aina was popular for this
She told the news before it broke
Her cough could drive a mighyty wedge
And tell which oil made the soup

Aina was popular for this
Deep round eyes that made you speak
Big dark secrets with a trusting soul
She listened more, and spoke the most.

Aina was popular for this
Every night when she was asked to pray
She told all her neighbours pains to God
And left every soul stupefied.


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