Soul Searching!


As your eyes glisten like rays of light unto curtains over curtains of darkness in my soul,
You heard bitter words but were sweet nothings urging you to stay.

Your hands brushed my wrist,
Diggers of threatening stares you received, misunderstood for,
Let our fingers intertwine, glued all the way.

As tides of emotions assailed my path, feistiness eyes caught,

As inner battles wither my soul, a gloomy soul they admired,

As my very being was pained, screaming and crying for help, “i’m fine” all they heard.

Like an egg, hard on the outside but tender inside, they know not.

Hijab Gurl
Is this how it ends, is this all there is?
My friend, calm yourself, go easy with life, be at peace

More! I want more than this daily striving!
What is more beautiful than life and living?

Death maybe, here, I feel lost, tell me what I must do?
You must do all you can, nothing less will suffice!

have I not fought, have I not bled enough?
Travel further, vision and faith will keep you!

Curse your vision! Away with faith!
By these hands my destiny I take!
Well then, I’ll be here when you need a friend.
“Again, I done did it.
Fallen, falling, lost, gone.”
“Who says? Come see what is begun.”
“I’ve thrown my seed into the wind.
No future, no hope, not a dream.”
“Come and beholding, child, come see.”
“No sir. There’s nothing left to me.
The seed, you see are dead, just dead.
There’ll be no rising…no raised head.”
“Come child, come see, come behold
The seed is dead but all’s not told.
There’s germ inside that feeds off death.
Though dead to you, new life’s begun.
The rain is gone. Look up! The Sun!
The rags you wore are gone, all gone.
The seed you lost has gone and come.
Returned in manifold witness of what’s to come.” -Seun
There’s something hidden i must open.
Do not such! Secrets, hurts, would heat more than life’s oven.

Then to learn i must a lie. I must deny.
Why? Do feathers in fury bother the sky?

I have the choice to wait, to take, but both bends will break…
Even? The truth is not for all. Memories keep the eyes awake.

Tis of love i speak, the kind that starves and makes weak.
Love, my friend, is a lover’s end. Love shouldn’t be your seek.

So i cage my thoughts and save my pride?
Yes, the best way to live is to die inside. Leon
Take me to this land
I beg of thee
Show the way with Altar band
Dance In nude, I ‘gree
Beat with sincere lies
For I feign not anymore
I give my discipline to gods
Want to touch your hips
Put this thumb in the deep.
Caress me a little, read me a riddle.
Did you get to that Avenue? She asked with assured ability.
See, get me a glass of filth
Let’s sit and talk on this.
You and I
Who will survive?
Who will wear rags?
After the deed is done
Who will then brag? – Rachel Charles
Have you searched their souls
for a penny of perfection?
I heard they milk their teeth
with sins from the ladle of the devil’s spoon,
so did the ones who wore white smiles
who held chaplets of pretense.
Tender thy case before an elite color
and see the mother of egret.
Let the barm from their overflowing cup of guilt
touch my mustache and leave its essence on the lips.
Did I do good by writing about my sins?
Where in these passage did I pass my fate?
How can you sit in these rooms with oblivious eyes?
When will they know the knot is not tied by the well of their strength?
Its another air breezing through my bald mind
touching the bones buried in my thoughts.
Here I feel cold, for a world warming to find me a foe. – Ruddapoet
Up! down, high! Low.
What could have been that is not?
‘I could have,’ ‘Would not have,’ searched.
Soul piercing questions.
Racing for the heart,
Beat to the rhythm asked.
Is home where I want to be?
This lost, does not wanting to be found.
Not every closed wound heals.
So the North dust settles East,
Deep within is 9 looking for 10.
Wonderful winter winner .
Wine wasting with bewilderment.
Same sand still on the sea shore.
Say silently, Ssshhhhh.
Quick question for quicker quest.
Queening queuing.
A crown and king.
A sword and pierced soul shattered .
Alas!!! to find the soul in search. Hypermind


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