Moses Samuel Adeleke | ‘I AM’


I am the hitch and stitch
My life has been a bumpy journey
Stones constantly in my path
The dirt evident on my shirt

I am the hitch and stitch
The dream holder holding in the dark recesses of your soul
The tension that keeps your arms steady when you aiming for the goal

I am the stitch
Your companion when you have no one to hold
The iota of warmth when you are in the cold
Your umbrella when you’re in the storm

I am the hitch I define living
I am the stitch I aid your breathing
I am the day dream you see on those lazy days
I am the Vision you see through those weary eyes
I am the real gold that glitters when everything else is blinding

I am the stitch
The shoulder to lean on when all else is failing
I am the life blood that defends your essence
I am the shield that stands in defense
I am your sun,
I am your moon
I own your world

I am the stitch
I interact with darkness daily
But, I was molded by perfection so all my actions are light to the darkness
Don’t box me in the stereotype you think a 21st century guy should be cause,
you’ve not seen or met my kind of guy
I am more than a gender
More than just another specie
Put here to, survive or thrive
I am here to reign

I am the stitch
Stitching together the pieces of your dreams
Showing the hidden path no one sees
wrapping you in feelings no one feels
Giving you the strength to go where no one dares

I am the hitch and I am the stitch
I pretend am okay but most times
I feel the cold slap of the wind on my face
I lean on the clouds for comfort
My night full of endless nightmares

I am the hitch
I am you, your dreams, ambition, sweat, and blood
I am your fears, tears, your guilt
I am your rage
I emerge in every flip of page in your life

I am the stitch
I am your courage
Merging the pieces of your dreams and bringing them to existence
Giving you strength to pursue your ambitions
Always there to wipe your sweat and blood
I am the hope and the obstacle
I am the stitch
I go through hell daily to ensure you go into heaven
I am your safe haven

I am Moses Samuel Adeleke


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