A four cornered confinement
Worse off behind bars
Chains unseen are the hardest to break

Society puts us in this thing
With rules and high walls
Religious and social scores

And when man’s time run out
He’s confined to a smaller box
Only chocolates do well in boxes

Dos and don’ts
Musts and mustn’ts
Yet we chant freedom songs
I guess we are only free within our confinements

Constitutions declare us free
Only to include clauses that wear us restrains
Given and taken, no gain, no lost

Parents assure us its possible to dream
When we dare to, they introduce rules and restrictions
Like a company’s promo, you only know the T&C after you venture

The society scrutinizes with its nocturnal lenses
That it doesn’t understand gets frowned at

This box is one with many cells
What is excused in this cell is unpardonable in the next
Subconsciously we prune and prune
Hoping to fit inside this box. Tee2emm
Four little square shut seals
Four walls four corners
No sun no summer
Ringer round the roses,
This box is never cozy
I think i’ve outgrown this space
No peeking hole for curious minds

I ticked the ones i thought right
Nickey should be real proud.

I like this box
The one labelled truth
Unwraps the tape
Binding blinding proof
Of every emotion neatly tucked
Awaiting storage in an old
Empty room.-Vera
We resist the square still!
Me and my inner circle!
Box down every cage, brutal reminders that our souls exist to roam wide and free.
Boxes could open like sesames
And close like openings.
Open these boxes with an inside doubt
For the birds on the inside to fly out.
Undo their sellotapes and pins
To reveal what clips their wings.
Boxes are secrets in different sizes,
Or contained shame that often arises
They bear norms, wear culture
And redesign attitudes.
They fake forms, fold to rupture
And undermine gratitude.
These choices do not make us bond
They separate us like space bars
These labels do not make us fond
They split the galaxies and drop our stars
Boxes are a cover-up
Some contents are better outside than in. – Leon
I read a story yesterday
Backed by disheartening pictures at bay
Of a child whose neck rocked black chain
And feet enclosed with ties of ropes
Bum! He was set ablaze!
Accompanied by stones and sticks

At least he was lynched for a course
“A cup of Garri he stole”
An eyewitness proclaimed!

How old was he again I asked?
Seven years of course!
A black well-muscled man in his mid fifties answered.

My heart was raped with sorrows
Bones burnt with pains and horror
A hungry stricken child slain; what a terror!

Wished I could borrow them my soul
So they think outside the boxes of their conscience. – Bamvi
I’m here with my pen
in the middle of my thoughts.
What shall I write?
What use is the title?
I would have written about cats
and say how fragile they are
when they scratch my back looking for wrath.
But as I remember so well
Small circle, small circle, big circle.
Where’s the box before I forget the theme?
Did you see it on top of my head?
Did you also think it was a halo? – Rudolph Ruddapoet
Philosophies that bind existence,
Morality to conform with, for we all have minds in it’s confines. The powers that govern, hostile to the ones who dare to break out. Ten toes down but outlandish mind.
Man’s endless pursuit, paper with faces of dead presidents that once ruled. A voice of relevance, the good life lies therein, all in these boxes.
When it’s all said and done, the deep sleep is best in a box. Fifteey
Confused in this state
Where they refuse sartorial comfort zones
This is a confused piece
A conscience I effuse
Where the zones are made friendly
Friendly patches
No romance matches
Day by day wishing
His arms frolicking
On my hair, day dreaming
But we are just onlooking
Religion kept us in this box
No touch, holy Holy Holy
Was what we chanted- Rachel Charles
A squared idea of us
Phenomenally placing us in shapes
Breath and break free
Caged verse trilogy
Unreliability efficiently maximized
An unconscious conscious act to self
Glass hovered walls
And a little effort to break free when freedom isn’t free. Hypermind
Power, it seemed lay out of doors
I was locked inside.
Longing was a hungering child asking “More, please more?”
Nothing like the greenery locked outside my door.
Hunger shouts aloud and shrill. There’s more! There’s more. There’s more.

Eyes over the fence I pine and fight to burst my bonds.
I will not be held inside. I won’t bow to these bonds.
Worn and tired, seeking rest from battles, right and left.
Contest to be, contest to do, raise fronts on every side.

I give up. I won’t sweat this. I’ll live within my bonds.
And like the dawn, like sweet release, surrender points to me.
The wonders I had overlooked, the life I didn’t see. The mystery that lies within, waiting discovery.
My eyes were on the open spaces outside and beyond.
I didn’t see the broad expanses that surrounded me.
Their hidden gifts I didn’t receive. Their worth, I didn’t see.
As the wild and untamed stallion speaks all for power none for work,
Without my boxes, ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’, my powers are left to seed. -Seun


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