Burning Bridges!


If I’ve been there and it was good
I will always want with you
So I’ll keep the link
And like a ship, our bond can’t sink

If you hurt me and it heals
I won’t remember how it feels
To be sore to the teeth
From an emotional pinch

So let’s keep windows open
If doors must be closed
Stay ready like an oven
To warm our hearts when it’s frozen

What do you say
We keep each other at bay
But when a shoulder we need to lay
We can run to each other if we may

Burning bridges renders cities extinct
Keeping chords unbroken is hopeful
Lovers who become friends are distinct
Keeping candles lit is helpful

Two became one
To aid, one crossed over easily
One misunderstood the other
And soon, curses!
one split in two in three division, hatred burns, still!
In the heart of one and the other two.
Passion burnt to ashes!
This bridge is long lost, the river reigns supreme!
Dear president,
Yesterday was a box,
Full of good governance,
starched and pressed rulers
With sincere,organize and clean hands.
Fixing greed,religion and ethnicity in the right spot

Dear president
We’ve heard of past leaders who led in the past.
And the present in the present With Good names and wishes like Goodluck.
Before the initial attitude met change
Yesterday’s Box is present, transparent but with no access
Dear president
Today the story is of stolen funds
And corrupt leaders
Thieves and murderers
Pen and Gun robbers.
Boko Haram and ASUU Striking
Militants and critiques blasting
With all these the past leaders we keep witch hunting
Hugging them with probe.
Leaving the present over reacting.

Dear president
It will be more of Goodluck if we burn this bridge of witch hunting and Past leaders probing.
Count the number of sticks that fall when the fire begins
Read the number of notes when the cage begins to sing
Burn from the hooks, let the verses smell the smoke.
Let it drop from the heart to the hemming of their cloaks.
Start the fire now let it start from the ground
Burn these scripts and don’t look back this time around. – Leon
Let me share this fire
I need it on your ears so your mind
inhales the smoke.
I am tired of waiting for the past
wetting the future with imaginations.
No night has healed this day
No day has peeled your night.
You have a sarcastic way of teaching
padded with budge edges.
You whose caftan has tasted the tailor’s needle,
and loafers has stepped on the cobbler’s toe.
I want bread and not crumbs
or fire will burn the madman’s book.
Put us through this valley well
and stop digging an excuse well.
We can’t drown our hopes on hope
and feed on your shadow from this general timidity.
Mr Boo aka Harry – Rudolph Ruddapoet
…nothing to burn here.
They were never built.
Those overpasses, those overhangs that mend a breach
…nothing to look back on.
…heart out of reach
…refusing to bond,
Infinite walls,
An easy shell.

…nothing to burn here.
…no one to miss.
All, but a shadow,
Everything mist.
…nothing to look back on,
…heart out of reach. -Seun
Clouds of smoke
Heading for the sky
All around, emptiness
And void.

Trail to nowhere
Sunken on my knees
I stroked the match
Screaming flames,
Breathing fire

Tonight i burn this bridge
The only road to my heart
This time when you leave
There is no coming back

Tonight i end this phase
Flickering film of dark
When i replayed this scene
Of gasoline billowing love.
Hosed dreams,
Severed relationships,
Broken promises,
Empty pockets,
Injured ego,
Bitter isolation,
Were his souvenir for a fire he started that brought down the bridge.

Hijab Gurl


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