A Teacher’s Hope!


With the chalkboard as his throne
He calls on all his subjects ;
Arithmetic, chemistry, physics, statistics…
To learn to guard in numbers
To climb to learn the ropes
To teach the future in its history
Because to die, first, we must live. – Leon
For little Tim who’s Math is shot. Lizabeth who is so shy.
Rambunctious Johnny, dreamy Ike, mischievous little Rudy.
For Tim the courage to face math, stare it down and to conquer.
Lizabeth, a welcome and a warmth that finally release her.
Johnny need me on the field to learn fun and then business.
Ike, I’ll point at greater good things he can do if he’ll listen.
Rudy, precious, I will show it’s OK to be different.
I hope when I am done today I would have made the difference. -Seun
Maybe it felt like slavery
More like just survival
With passing ticks on time,
It turned into a life style of giving
A little bit more than they had inside them.
Hoping the grey that falls off the chalk board isn’t in vain
Praying a little over the counter knowledge sticks in the brain. Hypermind
Alphabets and numbers
Books and pens
Chalks and blackboard
Do’s and don’t, rules of class and life
Every day we train and prune
Fine tune a soul
Get a life inspired, teachers are life doctors. –Sonia Nwosu
Under paid mentors
Looked down upon
Income can’t sustain the coupon
A fallacy to think they ain’t the LA creme
Who taught words and birth discovery
Scolding for a paradigm shift
A hold on staggering mentality. – Rachel Charles
I am a god in this room
you shall listen to my commandments
sew the dust in your eyes and my spit on your skin.
I will crack open your life and place my files in them.
I am here, there, in your dreams I will scare
your mind until you swear your life to me.
So death take cover when I take a pause to pose straight. – Rudolph
For a better world she prayed for them
Years of teaching turned her grey
The best of them got twisted black
In his bag pack his father’s gun
Then another shoved and taunt
She smiled at him and took the lead
And in her heart , hope buried deep.-Vera
To see stars shoot!
To witness the springing of living waters!
Was all you wished.

Your hope has bought me freedom!
Just like you, I have become a miracle!
A blessing for those to come!

Unlike others, who hop to ignorant graves.- OracLe
The soul is willing but the body is weak
There is a lot to be taught,
Stairs to climb like cases in court
Only for willing hearts
In two, three, or even more years to come,
The body will boast
Of teachers who made me one- Silvia.
Both hands still dusty with chalk
The students’ countenance still heavy like pregnant clouds
The many unasked questions
Forming like a volcano threatening to erupt
But there, Trum sat with a sparkle in his eyes
Like a flashlight in the dark
In those eyes, the future is pregnant with a moon. Tee2emm
The strict were the witches I thought,
Fleeing as far as my wings could take me,
Their subjects I hate till death,
My thighs looked like a country’s flag from the “koboko with three mouths”,
That was the drill when caught,
Now I seek them helplessly,
Thankful they didn’t spare the rod.-Hijab Gurl

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