The Broken Road!


On the floor of the clinic bed
The sheets had squeezed out too much red
That water couldn’t dare to hide
The gain that pride had promised lied.

So the beat was cut too early
Before the heart was taken out.
Leaving this path smeared and messy
An untarred, scarred and weeded route.

A book was born without cover
Its chapters had death to offer
The start and end promised to meet
But to part ways at the door’s feet. – Leon
These shoes have now tasted the cold.
What use to warm my heart before,
Now it’s a glittering light bulb
existing only in my mind.
The path is now but sticks and stones
scourging with hints from sun and wind.

What needles will now mend the road,
and sing me footsteps from the core?
No more songs, no rhyme or the drub,
I hope this divide finds your kind
while my sorrows pick on my bones.
I used to be dear but now hind. – Rudolph
Lost in the world’s extreme corner
Scattered are lonely, empty graves
Filled up with rot and broken dreams
Heaps of maggots migrating out
No more fresh flesh to feast upon
They waited long. I’m still alive
My broken eyes made one many-
Four maggots seemed a million more
Then thunder roared before the rain
It sent them crawling faraway
Now revived, i have built the strength
To tread along this dreary path.– Vera
This dusty road I’ve been upon
Up the hills and through low byways,
Pleasant pools, crystal clear and sweet.
Breathtaking fields rippling with life.
Looking back on yesterdays gone
The pain the tears and the glory.
The easel holds a vibrant hue.
Long in coming, yet light breaks through.
Brighter with each new golden morn
The broken road I walk upon
Is filled with blessings you and you.
God bless that winding broken road.-Seun

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