Jack & Jill


Jack and Jill
Went up a hill.
To fetch a pail of water.
Jack fell right
On Jill in the night
Now they both have a daughter.
And then they knew
That when she grew
She won’t be told the story.
So Jack agreed not to tell
Went up the hill to seal the well
And plant some grasses where he fell – Leon

Jack and Jill
Went up a hill
To pluck the thorns from roses
Jack got pricked
By a thorn he picked
From Jill’s Anita Baker
Blood tricked down, his arm distraught
From the pain in his finger
They went down hill
To stitch the skin
With vinegar and brown plaster. – Hybrid
Jack and Jill
Went in the cave
to hide from peoples distraction
Jill cried
‘Jack you lied.’
this is no heavenly mansion
Jack got vexed
‘You’ll see what’s next.’
And ran into the darkness
came back after
with gold for her
but found a crimson Hijab.-OracLe
Jack and Jill
Climbed up the tree
To pluck a couple of mangoes
Jack slipped down
And scrapped his knee
As Jill came falling after

Jack got up
And hugged his knee
As blood came rushing so fast
Jill rolled up
Her eyes so wide and tears kept coming down her cheeks. -Vera
Jack and jill
Thought they could fill
Their appetite
So they had a bite
Which gave a warm,
Worms began to swarm.
Mama hands did magic
To beat Ill tragic.
‘Mummy mummy can I have a chocolate?
Hmm…yummy,’ i ate it so late. -Rachel Charles
In a farm
that brewed a barm
Jack took again the pail.
Jill will wait
and cook her hate,
as her worry set sail.
So she put
a rock to his foot
so he would trip and hit his head.
She didn’t know
his plan was low
as the drink was an evil thread. – Rudolph
Jack and Jill
Took a walk of chill
To make a dough of waffles
Jack forgot
His money pot
With a farewell kiss from NyQuil
Jill sure got her in blueband
But Jill isn’t a stranger
So he got back
With Jill in a jack
With biscuits and some wafers. Hypermind

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  • Konye

    September 23, 2016 at 6:07 pm

    Lol. This is so ooo ooo cool!


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