Peace Will Lose A Memory!


A scratch!
Another scratch!
Another meager bigger patch!
The opening beginning…
Like a sore upon a pore.
The axe that hits the bark
Leave its marks
Revealing the bleeding sides
Upon the earth
Before the fear…
Then another fear
A bigger meager fear
Sealing the pore
Fuming to implode.
Before the inner tear
Until silence forgets to hear… – Leon
Can we?
Not sting like bees
A retained bullet
Another life on lock down
A framed soul in a locket
It’s a phase of faceless town
Each one holds another
Unfinished diluted feelings
Not any other
A brothers soul for keeping
Another life on the border lines.
So peace is just a piece
So large enough to cover
Every piece with a clover
A hand to reach another in love. Hypermind
Hitting rebels
Jungle boots matching
Torn skin catching
Babies in the sixth grade
Fingers taught to battle
Wanton with some braid
Levied in the Seattle.
Dine with green leaves feast
Bants of victory gave laurels.
Smiles upon wrinkled faces
Reminiscing the little days
Parched shoes with silver laces
Rebels locked in cages.
Freedom written on the pages
One and for The Hall.-Rachel Charles
You sat in the liquid red plates
like a sour eclipse of my eyes
when our lips had conversations.
You spread open legs,
to let drops of colored rain
announce to me you came,
and you didn’t lie that you laid
your back for a curse.
You felt my deep thrust
like a voice of an eternal,
lingering in the back I had you.
You kept watch in still silence
for my next move, my only prove
that you existed in flowers
plucked in September. – Rudolph
What you can’t control
You must let go
It’s like pulling the plug
Disconnecting life support
Rather die in peace
Than depend on a machine
Peace be still
In your heart distill
Brew, practice the pause
Before the fuss
I hear it prevents wars
Let’s make love
On the ground, we lay our guns.-Hybrid
The prize was a score and hundred
The reign that calms the stormy sea
Like that fake laugh that spells crazy
I gasp for breath at every thought
Remembering those angry stares
I clutched my arms
And yelled your name
It only echoed no reply
You auctioned peace
And bidded fair
I lost my chance to a stranger
I dug the ground and buried hurt
If i forgive the two of us
I just might find a piece to still
Each rising pulse
Beneath that cage.-Vera
Let down your weapons,
Many long gone,
Waters now red,
The peace price they paid,
Why is the blood shed?
Many orphaned,
Others widowed,
Live to love,
Love to live,
No peace without love,
Hatred shortens life,
Anger, destroyer of joy,
Spread the love,
Put on a smile,
Be merry,
Let peace reign.-Hijab Gurl

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