Mother & Child!

Ethiopia woman calms hungry child

As mama kon take grow pikin
Na so pikin suppose dey kukuma listen
Because wey mama don dey old
All that wisdom go dey inside her eba wey pikin go mold. – Leon
For your mama to decide born you
Naim be say she nor fit carry you pass as she don do.
As pikin wey you be, you wee leave strong head for yonder
Then go buy her bread before Sango borrow you thunder. – Unknown
Mama and her pikin, she no dey tire to dey carry
First, na nine months e take to born Barry
E no finish, she still dey carry Barry for back grind
Big Barry don pass belle and back size, him still dey for mama mind. Tee2emm
My mama talk say make I no try dat tin.
Say may I no go mix Queens and Pidgin.
To, if I begin talk the one wey I sabe,
People go fight for cover come dey laugh me. -Seun
When this tree go come drink water wey beta?
As our life kon dey always be under the weda.
Shei na yesterday life begin play them like Pele
as mama and pikin kon catch de ball put inside belle. – Rudolph
Mama tell me sey make I change my short skirt,
To avoid pikin who sabi flirt.
Dis one na yanga,
Leave tori for person wey go tranga.-Rachel Charles
This Pikin wey no fine, the mama like am like that
Even as e take resemble rat
No be me talk am
I hear am wen the mama dey yarn -Sonia Nwosu
Woman wey work tire make pikin chop
Child wey do yeye,her koboko go mop,
Craze wey dey im body comot
Na because her love nodey leave im domot.-Omolola
Na so my mommy dey bore me like say I be kiddy.
She go dey walk plus me make she throw me as I dey go las gidi.
The kin love she dey dash me get as e dey be kraaaa
But as say Na mommy and kiddy matter she dey get my back some paaaa.-Hypermind.

Mama oyoyo! Mami, Racoco fall knack mouth for potopoto
She dey make nyanga, I tell her n’tor!
Dis pikin dem, una no go kee me trowey
Me sef na persin born me yeh!-OracLe

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