Letter To My Ex!


Dear exes, i once loved thee all
Those times you loved, lied, farted and cried.
Those pictures you badly wanted to stay up my wall
Even the loose ends of your stories i tied

If i could freely choose, my choice won’t refuse
If i were to hear you speak, your tongue may accuse.
I pray your home is no longer a mall.
I promise to seal these lips when your legs become together tied!-Leon
Shuffling through the list.
I’d wish you all the Best but you had it once.
So hope breaking me topped up your hot list .
I remember memories of happiness that hit us so hard once.

I missed you for 2yrs but then I came to a realization .
A painless hurt that every promise you made was in dedication.
To how you’d spend it with another girls tits.
But it’s over now so I gotta bounce. Hypermind
Awful man!Garment of lies you wore.
Said “he was your little brother “when he was your son.
“I see the next five years with you”a tale of sweet bore.
Two years after,I despise first kiss during pun.

I was charmed by this bearded gang
Looked responsible when he refused to bang.
The hoe skills he possessed,trembles whore.
“You smart,you loyal” I just wanna hit you a gun.-Rachel Charles.
There was a time when I said I loved you
That time I could have sworn I meant it
Out time together was long over due
Even when on me you’d cheat.

The bad habit I couldn’t outgrow
Thinking when it was time I’d know
See, you were a lesson too
So no, I don’t regret you one bit.-Sonia Nwosu
There’s an old spot drowned in time
Where your heart mingled with mine
An old spot as sour as lime
We brought our faults to dine

There’s a new spot now,my soul longs,
For deep mingling,this fire needs new tongs
Pray we neve meet our acts in mime
May our heart lines never intertwine!-Omolola
Okay, Princess let’s not lie to ourselves
I told you, you’d find me someday when I’m gone
you want to tag now with the books in my shelves.
Park well, join the list and read these poems there’s so much fun.

And for you, yes you, you that came twice
I can never be your friend, not once or thrice.
And that one who still go around in the delves.
I’m waiting for your wedding, I’ve got a present, pray it’s not a gun. – Rudolph
I have no regrets whatsoever!
Your tears mean nothing!
My need for you was sicker than fever
but to you my desire meant nothing!

Thank you for healing me of blindness
My desperate folly and kiss, kiss, weakness
I knew I would leave before it was over!
Leaving you was bliss, priceless, quite something!-OracLe
Well, to me, you lied
I spent months wondering why
You came back teary eyed
You had me
All of me
On you I was high
Still, you let me slip. Eyes open wide.-Hybrid.
Wondering why you left, still thinking,
You said we’ll face the storm together,
What went wrong, can’t stop wondering,
Hate to call you a coward, but you were weaker.

For the love shown, i’m thankful,
Memories shared were blissful,
Promises broken, still working on forgiving,
For leaving, i’m better and stronger.-Hijab Gurl

Tried to find x, but couldn’t balance the equation
You were everything i thought i saw in my dreams
Will i get over you? It’s not even a question
When our hearts meet, the whole world beams

Am jaded from that ringer round the roses
The fragrance of your smile still lingers like posies
You gave me the most beautiful scar without question
Try as i may to hate you, love always win it seems.-Vera

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