This volume, made of tongues, twists, ties and tricks
At first a massage, then below the belt kicks

Speaks of months, weeks and days
Sacred sour secrets of promise that never stays

An idle leaf resenting branches
A weary feet attracting dances… – Leon
These words may be as old as the earth
but it’s awakening fans the birth of death.

It transcends from the little hot ash of fire
till it’s burning desire hardly get to retire.

Anopheles has this same disorder on it’s lips
you need to just shut your ears while it sings and sips. – Rudolph
Hey I heard they said they heard the truth.
From little talks bigger ones grew.

A sealed lip and an unbothered mind
Routing ears and unfolded tongue, do you mind?

Knowledge is power .
But knowledge isn’t knowledge unless there is wisdom. Hypermind
Jabber,jabber! Coven of secret eaters
Feast of lies and truths

Winds that dries dirty and clean linens
Soaked lies,washed with a hint of truth

Words travel on the fastest tracks,
The pink red towel, ever ready to tell…-Omolola
Mother found a bird hovering in her store room

seeking escape through a window curtained with bars

‘Its just a bird’ but I dare not reveal such truth!

For religious sake,
Dare not whisper to whoever cares
Of how that ‘evil bird’ met a fiery end! -OracLe
Back to back we engage
In soulful talks and awesome rage

Sister gist was hilarious,
How every family member hid milk sachet

Now mum and dad’s provision were in their inner locks
Everyone complaining,it made me laugh more.-Rachel Charles
It goes round like a chalice at the last supper
One or two drops less with each lips that kiss

There, sure, must be a Juda somewhere at the table
To betray and later slay himself

Gossips are always strung to a price
Who defrays it knows the venom in the sting. – Tee2emm
Idleness met them two.
Gave them topic to convass.

Shape of rumour.
Looks of truth.

Tongue of sword.
Slay them from a distance. – Bangwan

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