Paths ends, leading to another
They birth themselves,one begets one
Thorny paths pave deep to broad ways
Ends runs to ends,hence a new point

Trails never really reach their ends
From birth,to death,to spirit birth
Embrace ends as new beginnings
Celebrate end, therein lies life– Omolola
We met.
It was everything i wanted.
He was a vet.
Nothing like the one who left me haunted.

Standing here
Watching how a hello turned goodbye
I felt the fear
Even before he walked by. – Hybrid
If at all it were possible
Let the beginning be revealed
The very start of everything
Big bang, birth, eggs and chickens!

God, they say, does not build straight lines.
Welcome to the dizzy circle.
What can end what never begun?
until we wake, dream on dear friend.-OracLe
The end has an end in the end.

Are exits closed at the open. – Leon
What has a beginning
Does it have an end?
I leave it to your minds
Imagine through…

What has an end
Does it have a beginning?
Twisted thoughts,
I got you thinking.-Rachel Charles
Cool water upon my parched tongue,
Unending drop that wears out rock,
Soothing sun balm… head to toe,
It’s you. Yes, you. It’s been all you.

Obnoxious pebble in my shoe,
Impolite itch I dare not scratch,
Through gloom and storm… my speck of light,
It’s you. It’s you. Its always you. -Seun
Digging down the mine of the heart
Cautiously, scoring on the chart
Of this dynamism, what’s our part?
Living and dying are both art

Where one ends another begins.
Beginning, end, those are cousins
Just wearing different skins
The end is a door to a start. -Tee2emm
I am the dying flame from heart of this ice
blowing to awaken the first fireflies.
I was the apocalypse hell feared
when it sold my fraud to birth the sun.

I will be gone
I will come after the gong.
They will write my name upon their sins
and forever chant ‘Armageddon’ – Rudolph
My laughter stopped when he left me
Leaving gaps and a few pages
The beginning had no bend
No dent on the edges

Every word returned a paradox
Got me trapped in a box
My mind played the biggest hoax
I saw darkness with no end.-Vera
Our smiles smiled at each other.
Our eyes gazed intently.
The first was the last.
and The last came first.

Life presented promises.
Promises brought love.
Love donated life.
Life wedded death,that was the end.-Bangwan.

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