Miss Fortune


Here she comes again, hips swinging to me
Sweet lady I cried, never let me be!
Come hold tight!
Don’t lose sight!
Stay with me, oh more!
he found gold and more!
liked her height!
treats her right!
Last December you brought beauty, but we…
mistook her for ugly, but Chika, he…-OracLe
She brought him huge wealth and prosperity,
He never doubted her sincerity,
Come closer,
But farther,
She went leaving him.
He thought her his rim,
He poorer
She richer
Taking more than she brought, sure certainty
Then he realized all was vanity.-Hijab Gurl
Accidentally!no hurt,but good health
I will stumble into this future’s wealth
Use it all
Building wall
For this dream is true
And miss fortune due
Very tall
will not fall
For i will maintain her beauty with words
While i slay misfortune with Godly swords. – Bangwan.
Sister of wisdom, concubine of time
Lust after your charity is no crime
I will bow
I will sow
Till i gaze on chance
You are success’s dance
Favour glow
Radiance flow
Initiate me into your treasure time
I long for your sisterhood, my fate’s prime...-Omolola
She spoke in a voice coated with diamond
Fine gold made her hair beautifully blond
Wisdom’s well
Time’s to tell
The Queen she will make
The barriers she’ll quake
Shame she’ll shell
Ruined repel
Miss Fortune, the same of which I was fond
Now she lay out of reach, far and beyond. Tee2emm
There the libations kept holding the cross
and bent the ground that grew stones, birth to loss.
tilt the road
watch the load.
She was the left rift
taken from hell’s lift.
hide her node
from the goad.
You know she flirts with death while she is boss,
her fortitude is a fortune so soss. – Rudolph
Hey Miss am I missing something great here.
Fortunately Am floating this tear
I can’t break you yet
In a bundle set.
You leave me thinking as to why am there
Tied down to a fortune that misses fair. Hypermind
Wisdom is mollusc, when greed is in view
Folly is proud: understanding is few
Self’s the foe
Shame’s the woe
Eyes are cleared of tricks
My conscience now pricks
Grace now row
Luck too tow
In this journey of mine, I found her due
“Hi, my name’s Miss Fortune, how about you?”.-Mala

Serenaded by this glory I tune
Tap dancing to the future, little June
Did not know
Her crown show
Glory beams on high
Failure laid not nigh
Sounds cock crow
Wealth sure grow
The beauty queen in awe of splendour soon
Kept diamonds,rubies precious till moon-Rachel Charles

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  • Umar

    August 24, 2016 at 11:25 pm

    Miss Fortune told me her real name, she said only the unlucky bared the same. Fortunately I had missed only to be pissed by miss Fortune and her tune.


  • Leonell Echa

    August 25, 2016 at 6:56 am

    Hahaha.Okay. Nicely thought,Bard.


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