Should I Believe?


Should I believe that the sun has got a cold heart?
Or, do the heavens use the sky as boundary?
When I die, will my soul still be life’s imagery?
In hell, does the cry pause or they’re given a carte?

Pictured, perfect permutated priest
When they witness waters wasting words on the beast – Rudolph
Darling can we race to dusk of those hungry days?
Can you dip your fingers in the pot that filled you?
Will its deep content fulfill and gratify you?
Will the pot be filled with desire in these days?

The fountain found in fondness!
Where we were,wracks of wrathiness…-Omolola
Could this be the healing bite of Anopheles?
Where the teeth remembers to break a worthy vein?
Did you find me dead awake under fever rain?
Was one night enough without protection, Beatrice?

Two bodies breathing beneath this bed sheet
Found her foreign fluid failing my feeble feet.-Leon
Weren’t we supposed to fight this fight hand in hand?
Was tomorrow meant to end in a beast’s belly?
Should I believe it is what it was meant to be?
That I’ll be standing here with both hands filled with sand?

Being brave became brother Ben’s bane
These tamed tears threatens to throw Tom on torment’s train -Tee2emm
May i accept since you got rejected by her?
Should I not believe the lies told in truthful tone?
She refused your fake pleasure, did she cast a stone?
Can scars gotten from ladies bruise on face to fear?

Fake fans got you a flower in feign
Ride,Run, Rattle my honesty will reign.-Rachel Charles
Was i really led to believe in fairy tales?
Is an epic love story waiting to be told?
When the clouds come apart, will it rain liquid gold?
Could you be the song, so magical my heart sails?

Fancy fragile fantasies freely falling
Blemishing the beauty built by bent backs bleeding-Vera
Existence, life, what other name do you go by?
Are our everyday happenings fated, destined?
Should I trail Robert Frost, will my bliss be heightened?
I grow sick of asking why, I think they all lie

Fina felt free,Fina fled from princess
Fled for or from fiends fortress– OracLe

Photo Credit: thenomadicdreamer

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