How May I Help You?


Naanat, I know you want a job
your grades are fine, you’re hardworking
You’re 22, man of the house
You’re not wasteful, neither smoke nor drink.

David is my name, I’ll like to help you
l have challenges too, my finances are down
My dad doesn’t feel well,
David means beloved, I am not discouraged.

This is what I will do
I will visit you, work on your C.V too
find out your hobbies and skills too
Give you a pair of shoes, talk to my boss about Naanat. – OracLe
Daniel, dark as the back of a pot
Not as tough as the bark of a tree
You are soft as water
Your tears overworked my aorta

Oluwadamilola, wealth untold
Agboola, a city of gold
I blow hot and cold
To fondle, you need big handles

I am not God
But your heart of gold, I will reward
My earnest prayer; don’t go wayward
Duplicate of my brother: Daniel. – Hybrid
Jennifer, you work so hard
Mostly for others, a rich concern.
You need God, a house, love and a call card
Your beauty is young and its kindness should earn.

I am Leon and smug, but not towards flowers.
I haven’t built a house, and don’t have a job
I am single but have a couple of responsibilities.
I’m a student by day and at night a father.

I can help you in a little simple way
I’ll send a note to Friday to see you
I’ll show you love in a call card
And we’ll sit and talk about God, the house and you-Jennifer. – Leon
Franca, you big little boat
that keeps rowing no matter the flow.
You! In the cold will give your coat.
A definition of what we all call glow.

Rudolph you know, the first of the cubs.
the one whose bones are broken like his fears.
The same one that barks like a famed wolf.
I am steam and frost just like you.

I will do my best with this little strength.
For these golden years, I will just sketch
and make a cake, maybe cry with poems.
We will pray together like you have taught Franca. – Rudolph
Blessing Bot, I still remember your hypocritical courtesy;
How rude and disrespectful you can be
Yes, the thought of it still burns me
No wonder the sun avoids the night

This is Thomas Bot, your grumpy in-law
I know my ways can be weird and raw
I’ve been working on my own flaw
The storms were simmering but they seem to be regrouping

I will call so we can build the broken bridge
I will talk to your husband like you pleaded
He has to be up to his matrimonial pledge
We could try working on your temperament if that’s ok, Blessing Bot. Tee2emm
Virginia,a woman pregnant with words
Waiting for ninth month to birth forth
Ready to groom in sorrow when no one
Recognized effort,I defend my art.

Rachel a spoken ‘worder’ destined
To give words to the ill
Yes,words don’t die spoken today
Alive tomorrow is my heavenly will.

I will write poems about you
Tell a story extinguishing glory.
I will reveal your secrets
Hidden for days and 69 seconds,Virginia-Rachel Charles
Jonathan, destined to kiss the sky
Tender! Hot like the February breeze
With anger like a crossed Shango
You are looking for yourself

Omolola, the first child of wealth
With a fortune in names of praise
Ajoke Jesu, the ambivert one
I am also looking for myself

Let me storm the heavens for you
Let me take you to the Oba of wealth
I’ll bring you to yourself
In friendship, i’ll be David, you are Jonathan.-Omolola
Plangnan a friend like a sister
The tears of your words washes pains
Filling the pot holes of a spoilt heart
Giver of hope and peace

Bangwan Baker of sweet words
With same words i will pierce his brain
He who fails to bring you joy
The one you love,but loves another

I will seek his presence
Bake sweet words for his thought to swallow,
Send him back to you
To Give you that same gift you share for free Plangnan.-Bangwan.
Tommy, mine of words that saves
All crude sort complex
calm as the ocean waves
Light that penetrates dense canopies of minds

Vera, happy child
Two coloured gem
Spirit of a wild orchid
Even in an artic, my sun will still shine

I’ll spend more time talking to you
About your dreams and aspirations
One by one shall i visit
Each worried line buried beneath your eye lids, Tommy.-Vera

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