The Road I Take

The road I take is like the backside of a porcupine
It is smooth and pleasant but, it makes me whine!
Oh Frost, our paths will surely melt
Before the sting of death is felt
For the road I take is the backside of a porcupine!- OracLe
This road i take Is like a river bank
Where treasures sink with waters drank
And footprints leave not trails to show
Except the feet of water flow
This road is a river bank. – Leon
This road I take is like a piece of cake
Moist and tasty with each bite I take
I heed my calling, my path is straight
I allow my heart determine my fate    
This road I take is a piece of cake. – Hybrid
This road I take is like the belly of the end
Both narrow and broad, all straight, not one bend
I’ve spent eternity traveling
But I’ve not left it’s beginning
This road I take is the belly of the end. ~ Tee2emm
As far as this road leads,  I’m on it like the cap on Dolph’s head. 
It’s non ending, but I almost hit an end that’s dead. 
My fate is twisted ‘fore this journey. 
A plea to me so I stay and be your clown so funny. 
Can I awake from this journey’s dream,  like am choking on this bed? -Hypermind
I will take no road, I am like the bird,
with no heels on grass or frost mine will be heard.
I will flap wings into my fate and also make,
what no feet of gods thread in faith to take.
In these woods, the sky is a bird– Rudolph
They say the road is as white as snow
Yet it doesn’t reflect a glow
Can I get a map to wealth district beat
I search,Thorns have pierced my feet
They say the road is as white as snow.-Rachel Charles
The road I take is like palm wine
With the distance you dine
Makes you feel dizzy
This trek leaves you fizzy
The road I take is palm wine.=Bangwan
The road i take is diverged but not as yellow as the sun
Those who took it with me soon tire and shun
With strident steps my faith takes me further
I took one to end up at the other
The road i take is diverged and as yellow as the sun.– Vera
This road like a lost child I transverse
Mixing paint, emotions and black canvas
The world is a fresh slate
Unexplored except for this part of fate
To dare the frost as facing life trials – Jennifer Dafwat
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