God and Men

Your hands didn’t need science
To carve the curves and place a boob
Every eye came with different shape
Some sexy,some rigid

Your thoughts towards creation was filled with lush
Married couple caress themselves
It’s a glory that makes you blush.
You see!God,isn’t it foolish that I believe you exist
That is the more reason you are obsessed with my belief
No wonder My faith determines my receipt
The sin you hate,the sinner you lease.
My write,pagans who went left, increase.-Rachel Charles
Then the world became
It took time for the flower to fully bloom
Everything has evolved, then and now are not the same
Let there be, and there was
Let’s make man, one like us
And the world began, thus
God stayed God through it all
But when the atheist’s quest for flesh collides with a wall
Clarity befalls him, he sees the big bang theory’s flaw
Pride and self has led to a fall, in prayer both knees crawl
The penance will last till the flesh finds it way back up. ~ Tee2emm
Men are no gods and
God is my witness
How many men shall i use to buttress?
But maybe men have been fooled
Cos in the beginning the first case wasn’t ruled
See in the garden of Eden
The case wasn’t judged
Men aren’t made like God
Men are lesser
Adam mentioned Eve but God didn’t address her
She gave him the fruit when he didn’t ask her
Men and God in that judgment, i still don’t know who’s lesser -Leon
Once upon a time in a city so divine
there was peace, a Kingdom with love at ease
I know, you know, we all know this story
But Wait!
There was a staircase traversing down from there
So he walked down here, because we were dear.
Once upon a time in a city of the mines
we all lived with a sense, we all fell wise
This had to do with the passing of the coup
we should build a school, for us to be cool.
Then came hell, when Internet rung the bell
Men became gods and forgot there was a God-Rudolph
He wants to hold his own
this parcel of life snuggled up
a porcelain dull
in a fluffy lasting  embrace
like those husband men marching-on price in hand
proud dance to the merry music
choir chants “double double” blessings
Pentecostal style
Sunday morning ‘thanks giving’
local assembly
corpus marry slogans in a thousand dialects
but don’t stay jealous
Jehovah Hallelujah –Bash Amuneni
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