Letter to my Unborn Child

Dear unborn child,For your arrival, how long should I wait
Its been months,this is the eight
I heard you’re in there kicking
Though that sounds tricking
Come and put your mother in Good shape
I heard humans originated from ape
You didn’t, cause this wasn’t a rape

Your mother and I went on a Date
My mouth wide open and eyes looking
Wish you saw what she Ate
Her apatite took a licking
Was fun,but you would have made it great
Your arrival taste like grape
And our anxiety for you, like crepe. -Bangwan
Hello Leona,
This is your father.
The day you were born
Your mother expected a son.
But i expected a queen.
And in your eyes it was seen,
How the crown fitted in.

But you must be to your mother
Both a daughter and a son.
That means you could be a father,
A mother to anyone.
You must honor your mother.
Disobedience is a sin.
So first be a princess before you can be a queen– Leon
Emerald is a precious stone
Green for my sins atone
My whole life I prepare
For when your arrival you declare
A king with the most beautiful soul
With eyes shinny and burning like coal
I’ll save you a green bowl

To love only you must be prone
A tongue to speak as sincere
I’ll build you your own velodrome
But your heart, you need to take care
Plug your ears, maintain your zone
But never hesitate to share
My Emerald, my own precious stone. -Hybrid
Time seems to slip by too fast
Even before it is fully present, it is already past
I’m not sure I’ve sufficiently learnt how to love you
But you are a dream I yearn to see come true.
Though to the grave we file
To a life of permanent exile
You will be the reason I smile

This epistle will not be the last
With every baby sun I will love you anew
I know the shadows life and strive cast
I pray I’ve learned how to shield you from the way I grew
For my love, don’t be a-gast.
We loved you even before there was an isle
I will break the odds till I fit into the frame of a perfect Father’s profile. ~Tee2emm
Trust me Emerald, you didn’t come here passive
I saw you as the mysteries, gold was not that massive.
We had a tender night one time
Your mum as sweetness she is my prime
I want to tell you a lot of things
about love, diamonds, flowers and kings.
Anytime I see you, my world has this comfort it brings.

Let your heart love and not be corrosive,
find a good man, with a good heart and more dime.
Find God always and don’t be evasive
if you do, even in heaven my smile will chime.
You were chosen first, remember to always fold your sleeves.
if you ever come with a twin, then mummy will say jinx
Wherever you are now, I hope your phone rings.
This daddy loves you, and I wrote this with the music mummy sings-Rudolph
My unborn king
Do you know that I  got you a ring?
Have placed you among the greats,my pay
So a mediocre you can’t be,I won’t give the way.
I can’t pamper you all the time
My promise is to assist you to a gold mine
Spare the rod and spoil the child can cost me an eternal dime.

So listen to me when i sing
Boring harmonies everyday
A time cometh when friends will bring
Sweet harmful toxins that will exhibit grey
My prayers will surely bling
It will radiate like the sun scorched sine
It will burn the chaff unwanted in your prime.-Rachel Charles

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