Dear God
Dear God, I am not doing fine
Oh, and yes, the fault is all mine.
I thought I was OK with the long spoon I crafted
Daring to dine with the devil, I started,
Now I am wearing his debt chain.
At first they felt fine, they are made of porcelain,
Tightening with time, steady growing pain.

Seeking the route back to the right side of the line
The fog and tides keeps me distracted.
Too many devils combine
To ensure I stay conflicted.
Too many thorns like a porcupine
Each dart aimed to have me slain
It is obvious, my soul has a crimson stain. ~Tee2emm
Dear God
Your words breathe in me
Clearly I can see
I thank you that lips can praise.
My wages ain’t enough but bills I raise.
The world has nothing to render
Two masters canst serve so I surrender
To your will,sometimes I Bender.

My truth;service to you is my fee
A temptation that attempts to tempt my faithful days,
It hurts me that I hurt you,a sinful being.
You pardon me through your merciful rays.
For Holiness I sow,heavenly seeds I Reap.
Grace me to give myself away till I tender
Let me worship at your feet,your love spread across gender.-Rachel Charles
Dear God, can you see the stain?
There’s Blood on the floor waiting for the rain
When his temper woke up he couldn’t forgive
Did his parents have the same; did Adam and Eve?
He couldn’t swallow his pride
Since Adam swallowed the fruit, many lied
And that’s the resurrection, that’s not how they died

So many he had slain
He was so naive
Before he could refrain
His verses couldn’t leave
Though inside is so insane
Don’t let him go outside
That’s where his conscience had died- Leon
Dear God,stories of you my ears fed on
Never believed,these ears called them bygone
Your word,a weapon I hear is
But these word only makes me fizz
I learnt not to listen to story
Now your laws I made obligatory
Hoping my next guest will be Glory.

It is another dawn
recklessly in you I walk and hiss
But all my battles I won
You always do a good biz
Absence of you left me drawn
Real Stories of you,filled up in my hearts lorry
Now,I have you,why should I worry.-Bangwan
To you oh dear God, I write
to ask how many nails are left for the right.
These days my words are just heavy.
I can’t use the bible anymore it’s like I need a levy.
what’s up with you now
You don’t need a cow
for sacrifice, why am I asking how?

I called you, the time I lost sight
I couldn’t sleep, eat or be chevy
if I saw you now I’d fight
like a bloke does for the bevy.
please send me more light
the darkness has begun to plow
Please be the one that my head may find and bow-Rudolph
Oh Lord of all creation,
Here I am waiting for your direction,
The All-seeing, indeed nothing escapes Your sight
The greatest of all might
Praying for Your forgiveness
Longing for Your nearness
Though I may be clueless,

Save me from tribulation
Bestow upon me the sense of wrong and right
So I ace Your irremissible examination
I hear paradise is full of delight
Hoping that will be my dispensation
Dear Lord, forgive my carelessness
Help me find You in my nothingness.-Hijab gurl

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