Distant Crush ( Poet Love)
Poet Name: Malvina Patrick
Imperial Queen, exhuming letters living and dead
Composing pages both read and unread 
Can i own this wisdom box? 
How can i walk in them shoes without your linen socks? 
Of your gifts i have stolen, written and said
I’m dread to these scripts and you’re the locks
I’m still crushing; losing bones, but i pray it lingers.
Can i learn to follow you,  let me be the led
Your meanings be wearing robes, mine be wearing a Tux
I want to write about a kill and let them see the red
Like you wrote about the mountains and i felt the rocks
From your lips i feel the hunger; i need to be fed
Let’s find a bed, put it to rest before the crow cocks
I count 5 stones,  let’s be the two “slingers” – Leon

Poet Name: Andrew Patience (AP)
Your poetry plugs my right string
Most often I have had to pinch myself back to being
Your words ensnares like a beautiful dream
Cloud one to eight sewn without a seam
Shimmering effects that defies focusing
My lips read, leading my soul to a scream
Ecstatic from this red wine made from words
One more round of the surfing
Clawing and clawing to catch the beam
To, some how, tame my being from whirling
So my body and my soul would stay a team
My coarse hands may never hold you, so I’ll keep holding your poems while hallucinating
Watching you from afar like a star gleam
From a string, then two, now you strum my fantasy chords. ~ Tee2emm
Poet Name: Oyin Oludipe
Even if I don’t understand most,
how you put your words and dine with ghosts 
Cause canst a human feel your write
I will just serenade your bones till I bite
Beyond measure have carried your posts
I put it on every wall,this I cite.
No other lady,kindly back out.
Do not be taken aback by the distant coast
I admire your wright
I cherish how simple you make words roast
Let me caress you with my might
From afar I watch closely as a host
Impart in me those words that makes all ladies fight
See how I got envy clones in this route.-Rachel Charles
Poet Name: Rachel Charles
I better become a Christian and stop acting Jew.
For the vibrant words, you rant whenever the mic is on cue
I remember the first time you stepped on this stage
I quickly grabbed my pen to sketch you on my page.
I would make this count, if only my words weren’t too few,
I would talk about the passion story or should I also cage?
Well! Who cares, I won’t go riding my bicycle with sweet words for sure.
Rachel, the sweetness of your voice, each time it sounds new
that’s why I pretend not to have heard your work always, fill my gauge
It’s a feeling, I want to describe but it’s 50 shades of hue.
When the vien on your neck softens, I go like ‘I like her rage’
When you stand upon the stage next time, please say ‘Rudolph this is for you’.
The feeling will find me wherever and mimic your lips now or another age.
Laura told me to be honest too, I hope you become the cure – Rudolph

Poet Name: Rudolph Adidi
I feel the goose mount my skin  when i read you
A glimpse of those verses intercepts my thoughts out of the blue 
Am beginning to get familiar with your style
Everyday your poems resonates down my minds aisle
Sometimes i sit and wonder what it will feel like to be your boo
I think of those hearts you plunder and smile
Invading them with intricately designed work of art
You were meant to be a secret true
But Rachel had to make me open your file
Sorry my words are not filtered or new
Just as yours had my mind littered for a while
The sound of your voice makes me blush and coo
So i promised to write this before my feelings pile
This for my distant crush, muse and poet- Vera

Poet Name: Leonell Echa
Your words caresses my innermost being, driving me crazily insane.
Your smile a comfort to keep me sane.
You make my muse pour like rain.
Feels like roller-coaster, faster than train.
I know you don’t feel the same,
Not noticing me, it pains.
To get noticed, I must become one of your poets.
Hoping you’ll someday read my work and save me from bane.
Your attention, the greatest wealth to gain.
This unrest only you words could tame.
I will write again and again,
Until my words make fame.
Bewildered I’d become, if this i attain.
Alas! We build a generation of poets.-Hijab Gurl

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