Let’s Dance!
Today i learn to move my feet
Let’s Carey like Mariah
Make our hearts recite the beat 
Memorizing our desire
Taking footnotes for that moonwalk 
Allowing rhythm sit on the floor for that feet talk. – Leon
Let us sway with your hand in mine
Allow our hearts to dance in our chest
To a rhythm divine
Dethrone the fear in our chest’s nest
Make up for lost tears
Our hearts would have only gained years-Hybrid
A naive Lady who vibrated jerkily gave’
Into the stretch of the handsome man who asked for a dance.
His feet moved swiftly,felt a sensual crave.
I rolled back and forth,whirled at a glance.
His sexy eyes got my feet on!
Breath held close,I succumbed till dawn.-Rachel Charles

Firstly draw your right leg to fit into the shoes of the king’s sand
listen, that tempo enchants the crickets from the land of that spirit
Then turn round and round, your bones should hold this memory hand in hand.
Stamp your heart with a dimple smile, let it be heard, vibrantly queer it.
The African drums that roll and sing, will gyrate ‘nkomboti’ then rumble
during the night we initiated a poet, so now his words can easily tumble – Rudolph

Tap tap tap
Morale is growing high
Feel our souls clap
This punch dispenses no pain draw nigh
The waves are high and still rising
Let’s entangle in a dance and let our hearts sing-Tee2emm
Let my skeleton move to the rhythm of this sound. 
I can’t claim my ears are closed. 
Sweet melody my waist can’t help but twist till it hits the ground. 
Your sound a drug, guess am overdosed.
Is it trumpets, or vertigo, but I got a tattoo of Jason’s heart. 
Damn I forgot to pin the wheel on the dart. Hypermind

Don’t mind if its shimmy or volta
Twist or cabriole
Tordion or veleta
Veleta or farandole
Zouk or hambo
Let’s dance,even if it’s Zambra or limbo.-Bangwan

Her dance would lead a stone blind man to light
All she charms with the power of her wine
Her twist beyond his might
They seek to dine
She leaves them dazed
Setting the stage ablazed.- Hijab Gurl

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