Political Creed
Politicians,synonym of truth
Their words,like ripe fruits
Make promises before,keeps to all after
Feed you well,until you get full with hunger.. Bangwan.
Kobo Kobo su ka bamu let’s feed on.
Extracting actual sense from our minds to lead on.
Evil and twisted like a tree standing alone in the dessert.
All we can say is “Mun  bar ku  da Allah ya issa ” . Hypermind
Open the pages of their Creed,
Religiously, read their truths and prophesies
Speak of their fulfilled promises
From tongues of destitution and deprivation… AP
I grew up with you all, we ate hunger.
Knowing all you go through, your dreams and mine are the same
but if you come and wear these robes and these crowns
you will understand that my family needs soft couches to sit before I clean the grounds for you to sit – Rudolph
A promise to fail
A ‘give’ they take
A spam in the mail
A hope tied to a stake – Leon
If poverty brings humility, ALL politicians will make heaven for what they gave us
We are their children, so they love
THEIR children and that’s how they loved us
The cost of price has risen beyond our rise but we are hopeful, after all, they ALWAYS keep their promises
. . . At least if we vote them FOREVER!!!-MALA
Who formed evil, God or the devil?
But isn’t God more powerful than the devil?
Offering is form of tax collection, paying of tithes is a law religiously enforced.
If the church is celestial, God is a politician and heaven is just another geo-political zone. Northpriest Judha

It was a fulfilment before it ever was a promise
Look in their beaming eyes
They are more truthful than any of the good books
Compare their words and their works, their honesty is made manifest. – Tee2emm

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