I really don’t know the meaning of insomnia
But I hatefully caress your thoughts in my disturbing breasts
Keeping me awake to feed my addictions
Patiently starving my inner bi,by saying good bye-Rachel Charles
Silence is deafening 
when darkness settles in
with a mind that stays up
my lids won’t stay shut- Hybrid
Leaf cracks the stalk of this home
endangering the wings of the resting pupa.
Shall this house cause our curses to raise wishing horses?
When the left ear embraces the itching smoke puff puffed passed – Rudolph
Squeaks from rusty hinges.
Faint rays of moonlight through blinds.
Discrete how she creeps in yet she’s no stranger.
On this night I hid and she couldn’t find.-Fifteey
Give me rest
from sunrise and sunset!
give me peace
from war and breathing! – OracLe
My insomnia,
Your thoughts rode my mind like a midnight train,
My disturbia,
Your kiss made me turn and toss, now quite spent, laying bare with wishes. -Vera 
I am sleeplessness … more in the mind – a cooking mind
Than a nocturnal drift in parallel to consciousness
So, this loquacious eyes and flung gazes of my lips’ intentions
Shall brace on for the joy of an unknown ending.-Mala
The dark bestowed us (blind) 
The clock accused of whiling seconds (behind) 
Stars. Streets. Trees. Tracks. Pages (flipped) 
Morning knocked with me as blindness(slipped) – Leon
So I shared my bed with a monster
Losing sleep seemed not much of a disaster. 
With him I wanted spending most of dark times 
Also kissed him in the first ray of light. Hypermind
Why are you sick? Are you sick?
Blame God, the devil owns you not.
But,hey, dont fall asleep you might Sleep.
Truly, the absence of sleep wont scare death.? Probably- Northpriest JUDHA.    
Tossing and turning
Counting the hours with the clock
Nature’s loud orchestra playing outside
Where are you, Morpheus -Tee2emm

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