Like a ravishing thrust through my heart with a blunt sword
It is a pointless broken pencil to hope on empty pretty words
Poets usually don’t make great couplets; they don’t rhyme- Sam

A hello is a goodbye awaiting to happen
Beauty you can say is only a time capsule
Death is inevitable since living is possible- Hybrid

Immovable till the irresistible came knocking at my door
Implacable since the infinite says there is so much more
Now immovable and, implacable speak to me no more- Oluwaseun

Elsa cracked a joke and her audience didn’t laugh
Jason wrote a story and his readers didn’t last
Elsa died and Jason was buried; same way the joke and the story- Leon
Every time he is near i feel the blood rush,
In my head it was only a crush,
Never saw it coming till i felt loves  first punch.- Vera
Birth assures death.                                  
The power to amend fulfills ease.           
What is won’t but could displease peace. -Northpriest Judha
When dusk conspires with dawn to liberate time
When tomorrow gracefully pays yesterday’s fine
All that is left is vanity in its prime – Prudence
She shaded weight to fit in, whispers of AIDS trailed everywhere she went
She regained weight , whispers of retro-viral drugs became the trend
Would rather we stayed quiet so our mouths ooze a bad smell? – Tee2emm
Holding on to everything that should have been let gone of. 
Feeling like an anonymous treasure which has been ripped off. 
Fate, change, second chances, death and living turned out to be the inevitable… Hypermind
Deep down depths drawing delusions dancing directly disordered.
Fine future faintly fresh from firing few flicks.
I have stood here watching all these worry my stomach as hunger-Rudolph

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