Decrees and Queens

Truth be told, queens must have their way
Laws, decrees or not, all they seek is Joy- OracLe

Vera, With cold hard steel a soldier fights; his soul and loyalty sold.
Vera, your warmth as a queen; more desirable than decrees or gold- Sam

Oracle the decrees of the gods are of good and not of evil.
Just like the decrees of the Queen to her favorite maid,not of sadness but joy-Bangwan.

Bash: should justice be cut like slit in two part (s)
Will the sword protect the crown or slit to slice its clan? –  Leon

I kneel before you to find the missing piece from a broken tale
Of how I cheated upon the decree signed by my Queen o dear Preist-Rudolph

And with a tender nudge you will sneeze into consciousness
For decrees are for queens; unwise Lee- Prudence

Sam, from this queenly heart shall i decree my love devoid of flaws,
You’re the one, my heart’s prose.- Vera

Vera, Princesses wander wild playing pranks with princes from other lands
In a quest to become queens so to make decree their vile ambitions- Tee2emm

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