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Recently someone pinged and asked,’ what does EB mean’? So i simply replied ” Eli’s Brain‘. It’s Eli’s Brain Art Organization. And when he left me with an open mouth smiley, i replied with a wide grin, “It also stands for [Every Breath]” with which we speak, whisper, sing and hum these many words that we’ve become accustomed to. 

EB is the culture of re-creative sense and a freedom of constructive tenses revealing wisdom, knowledge , and imparting lessons learned, to every member, every friend, every mother, every dad, to enable the kids pick up the habits of listening, understanding, reading, speaking with brilliant command, and being part of a belief system that seeks to be a servant first before assuming leadership roles.
EB is a synonym for ‘express yourself the right way’ in a world that’s filled with hangups, dial tones, breakups, cellphones , popular culture, misdemeanor, pseudo-eccentricity and more.
Before they get to say poetry died, let’s first hear them say it lived a good life’!

Thanks Y’all!!
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