Hollow Dreams

Poet!c OracLe

With twinkling eyes and hairs of fire, Ruby came, scourged with desire.
Just like 1960, like imaginary change, I claimed every inch of her purple knitted soul.
climaxing in the wonderland of her streams, valleys, and hills.
Once upon a dream.

Vera Bonny
I traced the stars,
Wandered off grid,
Chasing shadows, disillusioned by my dreams,
Only to find am no where near home.
Leonell Echa 
50 or more days carcass refusing to smell 
The “Carnives” came along with neighbors; the feeding was swell
At the end of the night the Aase was gone 
In its stead was every neighbor who shared in the fun

Oluwadamilola Hybrid
Lost like in a maze
Thriving, stayed on the chase
Whatever the case
hollow dreams are only a phase.
Rudolph Ruddapoet
When I laid down my sleep to find a night so it could rest,
it dreamed with a lot of holes that couldn’t hold.
Each time I find a way to your heart off by heart,
I end up falling into one of those ditches of pain you covered and called my name.
Bangwan Usman
A shaky rattle causing rapid eye movements my ears received.
I rummaged just to see tears rolling down her eyes; a new hole has visited her heart.
Wish I could take her hand,wipe those tears,  fill and darn that HOLLOW heart.
But she’s just the woman of my DREAMS.
Prudence Obadan- Enujiofor
She lives in a mansion
Along the path which leads to his heart
With every ticktock the clock strikes
His desire is reborn and his wit unborn
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  • leon

    March 21, 2016 at 4:56 am

    How do you even get out of a hollow dream? Just musing…


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