The Guilt

Leonell Echa

Many were called but few responded
Did the others find defeat?
‘Cos Mary had found what he never wanted…
And it did smell like feet.
Oluwadamilola Hybrid

I erred, i begged, you forgave.
I’m here still filled with the guilt.
If in my heart still dwells an unease.
It must be my turn to forgive…me.
Jennifer Dafwat

The apple that now sticks out of my throat
No one sees it but it’s going for my jugular
I wish for heave’s respite
Only if i can with open hands receive

Vera Bonny

I hear the crack, it sounds surreal,
In every turn dementia speaks,
The agony etched deep within,
I writhe in fear that someone knows

Anre John

Once, twice, a thousand times i have offended
This GUILT i cage my sanctity i have upended
A spirit willing or a stealthy thief
I welcome a coup to my unending grief

Rudolph Ruddapoet

Bounded by the same chains
Locked in the hold of one little pain
Walls of worlds may perish their level ground and tilt
The four walls were always aware of the same guilt

Prudence Obadan-Enujiofor

Once i indulged a worthy forbidden
Whispers tell me i am forgiven
But how so when cold steel still grace my nights
But then my soul waltzed into my body by right

Sam Ojiyi

I stood by the counter and asked the agent for a ticket
I was going to this special place alone for the weekend
My resolve- from rocks and stones did i build it
Mind made up, heart set, i was going on this guilt trip.

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