Oluwaseun Okunlola
The purist sought purity through and through.
The chemist said it was untrue.
I for one searched top, bottom and middle
And found it did not ring always true.

Leonell Echa
I’m unaware of the word
But i am of God
If good is to heart that is pure
Then bad is to worse I’m sure

Jennifer Dafwat
O Mary whose heart is bestowed with goodness
Whose undergarment no eye has lain
Whose spirit has no for slain
In this new world it is the cure to man’s madness

He was at fifteen
He was only Leo till they put him on
He Le-on veined his first porn
He now can’t tell apart his Trojan horses from a Unicorn

Vera Bonny
When evil thoughts my mind defile,
My tainted soul screams in despair,
Seven times in the Jordan dip,
Till I become a butterfly.

Anre John
When will our hearts be weaned from wandering wishes?
Wishes of cursed concoctions, hexes and portions
When will my desire rend its prurient attire?
Letting Purity blossom with pride like Lebanon’s Cedars

Sam Ojiyi
Immaculately designed and finely refined
Perfectly intertwined and imperfectly designed
A beautiful chaotic existence in unison confusion
Like it’s brother the vacuum, purity is an illusion

Prudence Obadan-Enujiofor
When my hopes go rancid
And friendships pass on
I  trace my steps back to your eyes
Where virtues undefiled reside

Desmond Adeoye-Adetoba
Through the coven of fire unburnt                                        
Strain and heat to tear apart
Purity is born in the strength of will                                        
And no virtue freely given from the gods.                      

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