She was my country

Bash Amuneni

She was a country…
A yard sprawling in feats of virgin intentions
“Shagged” in multi tones of lure in oily sedation
To a tang of rust and a cherry of hope- she was a country


In-timidated, Timi dated
Initiated, In-tense…Present continuous?
Obvious scars, black eyes evidenced receipts, in-voice
In-vade, peace declarations forbade.

Umar Jimeta

Who said she is she, who thought it will be me?
I write in vane to seek her fame
But she taunts me with the beauty-her name
What am i saying? She was a country from whence i came

Sam Ojiyi

From a misnomer of the world history, her story was fabricated
Though thought emancipated, she’s been long incarcerated
With rusted chains wrapped like head covers around brains
Voluptuous and promiscuous, her intricate curves are all that remain

Prudence Obadan-Enujiofor

She was my country
And I her music
Parnassus was our country
Until our prurience got a muse sick

Leonell Echa

Dis…cord cut clean composing freewill
Fading fingers, slippery stare, baring breath
Quiet questions, siring sighs, and birthed…still
They assembled by the beauty to make wreath

Anre John

There hung a hammock between two neem trees
Dreaming of gentry, pomp and pageantry
Her true colors are lack and peasantry
Still i adore her, SHE IS MY COUNTRY

Rudolph Ruddapoet

She! Hung between tubes of a living dead and a lying truth
Little breath, squeezes through her alive lies, like closing eyes
She! Watches her name get painted by amateurs
She is my country, a similar curse from father’s culture

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