It isn’t morally too early to lay
a complaint, but it is legally too late if you are delaying in settling your
Suit Case.
Little wonder why the Suit
courtroom is replete with various complains ranging from neighbor summoning
neighbor, wives reporting their husbands, children complaining about their
fathers, girlfriends giving subpoenas to boyfriends, congregations accusing
their pastors and clergymen of being 
Suit guilty too, and the list is far from endless.
Saville Row, a place in London, notorious
for professional tailoring outfits makes you instantly bespoke. Made-
To-Measure adds it up, while Norton & Sons make you wanna settle your Suit
Case quickly. And so does banana republic, E. Tautz, and Omorogen Twins
Dressing up in a suit is an
occupation that not everybody “fits” in. The same sense of calm and conscious
body presence is required in the entire beauty process of picking a choice
material, getting a perfect cutter cum designer/ tailor, sewing this piece of
clothing whether hand-made or mechanized, picking the completed work from the
tailor, to the last duo of putting it on and looking good in it.

If your suit fits your frame and
balances what I’d like to call your shoulder blade-to-body equation, you CAN’T
find yourself in a law ‘Suit’, neither would you have a Suit Case. If your Suit
even fits just a bit and not completely [because not everybody is as crazy as
me for a classy fit], your Suit can’t be summoned, let alone reported.
—to be cont’d—
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