Now we know that some of our
black fathers/preachers and clergymen fancy a Yoko Zuna cut and style, even
when they are a Tom Cruise’ size, still they will be summoned, but we would
temper justice with just a little bit of mercy to serve as a warning, because,
we won’t totally put the blame on their old arses, but on their supposed
tailors/ stylists who decided to give a Justin Bieber, a Big Pun size fitting.
But when a young man who’s
supposed to be professionally bespoke, and balance his body frame with the
beautiful piece of woolen fabric Suit makes a mess, then that’s gonna be
totally unpardonable, and his Suit Case might just be on a long ass holiday.
An elephant can’t be a cat. If
your size is elephant-like, respect your size and fitness, and above all,
respect the God who made you great, and get a tailor who can comfortably sew
for elephants. I believe Tarzan would have secured one for sample, from his
epic adventure. But if you do look like a piece of bone like me, please be bone
smart and proud about your flesh-less bit, and DO NOT, in a bid to get a
custom-made fit, come out in swimming Suits.
Just a kind Suit cut and fit is
more than enough, and your body would be proud of your Suit appearance cos,
your Suit would Suit you in expressing yourself in an interesting way. DO NOT
give your bride a heart attack; make your boss reconsider picking his tailored
suit the next time he needs one from where you do. Do not overload a busy Suit
with busy furnishings. It’s always alright if the leather of the Wristwatch,
the belt and the shoe match.
“Getting dressed is a moment of
calm in each day, it’s a moment that is entirely our own. It’s a moment when
nothing else can disturb us. It is something we need to learn to enjoy once
again.” (E. Tautz’s Patrick Grant)
Do avoid a Suit Case and make
your Suit CLEAN, CALM AND CUT Right.

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