not take for granted a philandering man. Do not wait for the libertine to say
hi, for if you are the woman, he would most assuredly say so and you will fall.

note of the flirt, especially one that does so wholeheartedly; you will never
feel ennui; this is ‘cuz he is prepared for the feat.

the other side of the gender pool, stare not too long at the beautiful
Pleiades, like Medusa they will make you stand still.

not listen to the siren, her strength is in her voice, listen to her and you
shall die – for love that is.

scandal is true to its cause especially when it picks the person it wishes to SCAN
then put a measurement just to estimate the extent of damage- DAL.
phlegm would depict a sickness that has eaten you from inside, take caution if
it is a color other than yellow, take a man’s thing without telling him and you
are a thief, take a man’s wife (you actually can’t tell him) and what are you?
A thief some might say, some might be tempted to call him the classic
adulterer; I- however, would call him a collector.

have graced us with their cultures and ways of life, some even celebrate the
scandal so they paint occasions and ceremonies yellow and invite the boisterous
aura, lighting the atmosphere with a sexual consciousness, so that the air is
charged and the wind seduces the birds. 
have been told of BOKMAKIERIE, she is
yellow breasted. I wonder why? But every time I thought of it, I could only
think of her as very scandalous to the extent that it now appears on the
outside of her body. “She must be very ill”, must be another explanation for
her coloration. But hey, these things, we really don’t know – especially if you
don’t study birds. Like we sleep together, the Bokmakierie; a yellow breasted
African song bird perches and sings together.    
–Umar Jimeta–
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