Him: The, presence of fear and insecurities in love
Makes a lotta ppl look for the impossible;

Her: It directs the heart to ask questions of which the responses
They have got no business but it is passable.

A bad past & history
Her: brings an overwhelming hunger for difference and variety?

Him: A grotty haunting memory from which we’d rather escape and put in
pit of hades maybe…

Her: How about a simple breather from our endless monkey minds, 
Him: A relaxed heart with  
Her: pleasant thoughts cos keepers need to find

Him: Rather than have a peevish mouth,
the lips be sore from the myriads of kisses that you share;

Her: Cos if we share, Me: per chance there was etiquette for love, 
only then
Him: should we expect to have a faultless romance.

Her: I wanna love, care, respect, and trust my
Him: I wanna make me a kingdom with her or
maybe a clan
 Her: I
wanna be able to leave my man & be confident that he…
Him: wouldn’t do anything nasty?
Her: And I want my man to be able to say same
for me.
Her: I wanna be able to tell my story and have that light
shine through my eyes,
want you to be able to remember even when I talk with the skies
The sacrifices
I made
Him: for my woman.
Her: for my man,
no regrets
Him: Cos pain causes you to go cool off in
bars, smoking cigarettes.  
Her: I wanna be around my man and spend more of
my time.
with him is growth and love within ;
me dirty when,
when I seduce
I wanna be able to have him any day &
though it means having to
hundreds of miles for these glorious art of love.

we all guilty?

Him: We live each day thinking that
relationships either work out or not, which is ok,
Her: …or not.
isn’t it most ok knowing that all you want is to make it work out with this one
person regardless of the ills & odds.

Her: Yeah, we’ve all got strengths &
How about your strengths making up for my
weaknesses and my strengths making up for yours?
And where it can’t, we give room because we
cannot force the time for adjustments & amendments;
Him: that is one way I sure know to keep strife

Her: the rout

sure we never said to ourselves that we was perfect, so that means we can &
will improve.
Her: (And oh, I downloaded a bunch of recipes,
you complained about my cooking so I may have begin to improve).
A few days before you were to send the mail, I
came across this; a mail;

Her: “Don’t “aww baby” my man
Him: That might shorten your life span

Her: Don’t hug him for more than 2.5 seconds
Him: I’m not your relative, go get one.

Her: No he cannot be your “bestie”;
buy a puppy for that shit

Him: No phone conversation past 9pm;
Her: not even for emergencies,
Him: call 999 for that shit.

Her: Don’t cook for him, I got this.
Him: No too much spices please.

Her: Don’t cry on his shoulder, direct your
despairs to God

Him: Dear God.
Her: Don’t conveniently drop your shit and bend
over in front of him, God will punish you

Him: Poor you.
Her: Don’t try to take care of him for me,
you’re not Jesus.
Him: And he’s not in recess.
Her: I smiled and thought that’s how I feel;
and considering that you is one sweet bloke any girl would want, my wish to be
with you heightened; I so don’t want any bitch around my man. And that means I
gotta stay close.
Him: Call it drama visiting poetry in the house
of prose.
Her: I want my man.
Him: I want my woman;
that our dreams & wishes would not only come to fruition; but also make
Her: My man wear his desire in the future,
I wanna make him happy,
Him: Not when you have me changing all day
baby’s nappy.
Her: I wanna call him my baby daddy.
Him: Best choice for a stolen bounty.
Her: Baby..
Him: Maybe…
Her: I am sorry.
Him: come here baby; end of story…
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