Leonell EchaMarch 25, 2021

I’m aware that I’m free I should not think twice writing about it just means I’m thinking twice I’m aware that even chained hands are allowed to crack knuckles and hold a book or a spoon I’m aware that freedom has faced too many dialectics, the synthesis keeps going in circles LARDO

Leonell EchaMarch 25, 2021

I wink at the festival ground, you smile in return, my fringes on your shoulder, in your hair, I get your number in return- flirting with disaster is the most thrilling game to play. “Yanga dey sleep, trouble come wake am,” a text, a reply, a few tips from Abdul and Ola and the alchemy […]

Leonell EchaMarch 25, 2021

return home, to the place of fallen flowers and budding fruits. say ‘no’ no more, you too can hold death in your quiver. your skin dries and cracks like the bottom of the lake when all the water is gone- you’re clay, but to light you shall return becoming both particle and wave. to call […]

Leonell EchaMarch 23, 2021

If only joy comes when the sun rises, when blindness isn’t carried over from sleep When the morning spreads like cancer, slowly affecting the bliss of night, of peace with deceit The baggage, excess brightness, supposed happiness, the safety from sleep as it rises and falls. LARDO

Leonell EchaMarch 19, 2021

In watching the stars- patterns, constellations and galaxies a thousand lightyears away, the endless expanse awakes in me the awareness that I am. I am this universe trapped in a body. Oh Rest! you’re far from idleness, a night full of nightmares surpasses one with lack of sleep. The patterns that clouds unlock into stories […]

Leonell EchaMarch 18, 2021

We were close like potato chips Whoever woke first Wore the dress What was yours Was mine We had the same appetite For every thing . When you left I found love again in our Rottweiler I called her your name Oyinlola And when I sleep well, The days I eat a good meal, When […]

Leonell EchaMarch 17, 2021

Where can you find A woman to relate to your soul Through your colour ? Maggie Nelson and I Both talk of blue as a cure When we haven’t stated our disease. I learn in strings, in bits Ray Bradbury says it is okay He teaches me to step on landmines Each morning. To explode […]

Leonell EchaMarch 16, 2021

i can easily tell your story, dad. the first among shepherds abuochiche’s mouth healer, giver, a strange believer. a mixture of seasons. i have learned to love you like my mother: soft, fragile, muscly all i would say about you all that you do all you’ve been through you still move like a river unafraid […]

Leonell EchaMarch 15, 2021

You are bread and butter and breast milk My cloudy aesthetic You come back to me like rain Like a lie, These feigned memories I have considered veracious Your white teeth, The colour of my writing palette Your hair the same scent as my vision All blurred, all abandoned Too cured, I have forgotten dereliction […]

Leonell EchaMarch 14, 2021

On Monday I was in school On Tuesday I broke the rule Wednesday, I sat on the front pew Thursday, I cried because I was told I would not write exams Friday, a happy day. I wrote the exam. Tochi

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