It’s too late

Nothing is
Nothing can
Can warn
Can teach
Teach anyone
Teach a lesson
Lesson in
Lesson like time
Time spent
Time passed
Passed and gone
Passed like wind
Wind disappeared
Wind blew
Blew away
Blew like pipe
Pipe at piper
Pipe of water
Water spilled
Water wasted
Wasted like waist
Wasted is late
Late comer
Late woman
Woman too
Woman going
Going home
Going back
Back in time space
Space for enjoyment
Space for expansion
Expansion to capture
Expansion to run
Run for life
Run for safety
Safety from
From brutal
From unreasonable men
Men who main
Men who are callous
Callous to a fault
Callous without limit
Limit your being
Limit till suffocating
Suffocating, killing,
Suffocating till
Till it’s too
Too what
Too late
Either ways


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