End Is Near

End is close
End is near
Near than before
Near to the war
War sounds
War cry
Cry out
Cry ,tears
Tears of agony
Tears of sorrow
Sorrow so deep
Sorrow that cuts
Cuts my heart
Cuts across
Across the nation
Across the land
Land of my people
Land where
Where i was born
Where my father
Father gave me life
Father gave me breath
Breath of life
Breath of freedom
Freedom to live
Freedom to comfort
Comfort me
Comfort my soul
Soul dance
Soul song
Song of songs
Song of wisdom
Wisdom to know
Wisdom to see
See the end
See how near
Near eternity
Near the gate
Gateway to
Gateway to hell
Hell or heaven
Heaven with keys
Heaven with options
Options to give in
Options to fight
Fight to the end
Fight the calamity
Calamity to end
Calamity is near
Near the end
End is near
Near ending


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