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carry me
carry me along
along with you
along to you
you are one
you are home
home is kind
home is love
love is bliss
love is war
war to fight
war to lose
lose to learn
lose to fall
fall again
fall for words
words that hold
words that touch
touch my taste
touch my sniff
sniff of you
sniff of time
time that waits
time that builds
builds Rome
builds a cave
cave to hide
cave to guide
guide us right
guide to light
light our world
light our faults
faults to fix
faults to live
live as friends
live forever
forever as one
forever an example
example of fantasies
example of memories
memories of time
memories to wear
wear as a shoulder
wear as a wand
wand of magic
wand of scents
scents of you
scents of me

Tomide Abdul

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