T for thief


I do not forget how we grew,
every alphabet described a person.
people pretended ‘p’ personified pretense.
in poor places, preachers committed sins
in rich mountains, butterflies were bees.
there were abnormal days in dates
where the whole week made us weak
due to scars from seeing a rainbow.
stealing was the same as sarcasm
or at least they both resembled serpents
in their infinite cunningly-curvy ways.
In the absence of the letter, t
crosses were made to hang those whose flesh
tasted of vinegar when roasted with the sun’s smile.
in ways not identical to whether we were supposed to multiply
x was used to signify gluttony; that is
yes I get tired of eating the cat; especially a white one,
now I like the meow type of black.
to double the ways of women who would wield
wells to wish weak weather upon men.
they willingly wedded just so you
will believe what we stood for:— weakness
abomination, cheats and above all thieves.


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