Describing love

Like knife under the skin.

I have been feeling like my heart’s been outside my body for a while now and that has only intensified. There has been no getting used to feeling everything.

My heart is like a canyon, loose.

If you imagine walking around with your heart outside your chest feels something like being sensitive to everything; the joy, pain, laughter, peace, happiness, anger, even madness, yours and that of others, you might as well be experiencing that. Cos I am.

I can feel everything and that is terrifying. If a pacemaker would pace these emotions, I would go under the knife. For relief, for the ability to contain, acknowledge, enjoy, express, sustain, live.

How do people do it? I like to think this is normal but it certainly does not feel like it. I feel exposed. Vulnerable. Knee deep in quicksand and struggling.

There are no words. The effrontery to think I can write about it or paint about it and feel light afterward. Feels like there is an endless depth of different emotions. It is wild.

Doing anything for relief but it’s boxing me in; music, walks, sleeping, food, movies, social media, nothing is working. It’s like I am being plagued by emotions. Wild. Eesh. Eek!

– Hybrid, theGodfactorr

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  • QueenBeeba

    February 20, 2022 at 7:00 am

    Beautiful poetry


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