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A day i remember

The moon was bright that night. It was as if day had broken and we have missed being the first set of people to leave for the ugbokina brook.
It is the only brook where the whole village fetched water for drinking. You had to be amongst the first few to arrive so that you can still get clean water. Three of us women left from the same house and headed for ugbokina at a fast pace.

As we journeyed, we noticed a woman was ahead of us. She seemed to be moving leisurely, so we increased our pace to catch up with her, but the faster we walked, the more gap we noticed between us.
This continued for a long time and we were getting frustrated. Then at one point the oldest of us looked back ,and as all of us did, there she was, the same woman, coming behind us.

Then it dawned on us that she was a spirit.
Till today, I don’t have a recollection of how we got back home.
We fled in various directions as we fled home.
We learnt later that we must have left for ugbokina too early, it must have been about one o’clock in the morning, when the spirits were also going back home into the graves, the moon was brightest at that hour, just for them and she tried to warn us from intruding into her life.
I can’t forget this incident as it still gives me the creeps till today


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